Guardians Of The Galaxy Concept Art Revealed

By bill - April 3, 2013

gotg-movieLots of pretty pictures from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy have hit the web.

Marvel’s big, fancy Phase One Blu Ray box set has been released, packing in The Avengers and all the movies leading up to it.  One of the most exciting features (like, exciting enough that I will likely drop $150 to re-purchase six movies I already own) is the extended look at “Phase Two” of Marvel’s cinematic universe, which kicks off next month with the release of Iron Man 3.

I’m stoked for Tony Stark’s latest solo adventure, but the movie that has completely hijacked my imagination is Guardians of the Galaxy, which promises to be something very, very different than what we’ve seen so far in the Marvel movie universe.

The idea of how unique this movie will be amongst its comic book brethren is taking shape, especially with the concept art which has been surfacing online in the past few days.  As I am a professional writer, (ha!) I don’t really have the resources to pick up the Phase One set on release day, but most of these images seem to stem from that set, although they haven’t been officially sanctioned by Marvel Studios to my knowledge.

I don’t care, though, because they look completely awesome!  The scope and scale on display here looks MAJOR, with alien worlds, wacky space ships and a pretty overt tip of the hat to Star Wars‘ Mos Eisley Cantina.  If the movie itself looks half this awesome, I think we’re all in for a treat.

If you want to see more pix, check out Geek Zenith and Screen Crush.

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