Guardians of the Galaxy In-Package Photos

By bill - May 15, 2015

GOTG-box-set-featHere’s our best look yet at the upcoming Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy box set.

In case you missed it, Entertainment Earth has started taking preorders for their Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy box set exclusive.  The set features Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Gamora and Drax, all based on their comic book appearances, and it’s slated to be released this August.

It’s a nice looking set, making smart reuse of a number of parts to create the best looking comic book Guardian toys we’ve seen yet.  And the packaging is equally nice, with some eye catching artwork and a look at the impressive spread of weaponry packed with each figure.

Some people are disappointed to see so much reuse in this pack, but I think it’s fine.  Even Star-Lord, the closest thing to a straight repack, gets a new, improved paint job, looking much more complete than his SDCC exclusive counterpart.

If you want to add this set to your collection, act fast– Entertainment Earth is offering a$20 discount and free shipping, through today only on any preorder for this set.  Just Click Here and use code MARVEL20 to save on your Guardians box set.



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