Guillermo Del Toro Announces Pacific Rim 2 & Animated Series!

By bill - June 27, 2014

pac-rim-mondo“More Kaiju, more Jaegers… Kicking each other’s butts.”

Guillermo Del Toro made a special announcement yesterday which is sure to thrill Pacific Rim fans– there is a sequel on the way, coming in 2017!  Del Toro is developing the new film now with Travis Beacham and Zack Penn, but that isn’t the end of the Pacific Rim news.  There is also an animated series in the works, slated to be released in advance of the new movie.

I’m over the moon at this news.  Pacific Rim was an awesome movie, and I feel it had everything required to not only make for a fun and smart genre-based blockbuster, but the basis of a new sci-fi franchise for fans young and old alike.  If GDT stays hands-on with the cartoon as well as the film, this could provide lots of opportunity to explore the interesting, fully realized world in which this story is set.  That rules!

The future of Pacific Rim seemed shaky for a while.  The movie was a moderate hit in the US but it did gangbusters overseas, and I would bet that international appeal is what gave it the edge to continue.  But I don’t care about the details, all that really matters to me is we get to revisit this awesome universe of giant robots and giant monsters, with an incredibly talented artist in charge of the entire thing, and it’s now branching out into other media avenues.

This is a super cool way to start a Friday!  Check out GDT’s announcement below:

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