Harley Quinn Is A Bombshell

By kastor417 - March 15, 2017

The new DC Collectibles Bombshells line kicks off this week, lead by Harley Quinn.Ant Lucia’s design is brought to life in this figure. Making this modern character¬†fit right in with the early¬†days of comics.

DC Bombshells makes its way to 6.75″ action figures, based on the popular DC Collectibles line! Ready to roll in her bomber jacket, Harley Quinn is reborn here in action figure form, with a dozen points of articulation, interchangeable hands and giant mallet. Figure includes 30 points of articulation. Sculpted by Paul Harding.

DC Collectibles has been able to adapt to the changing action figure market over the last few years, mixing good articulation with amazing sculpts. The Bombshell statue line has been a big hit with collectors, so it was only natural that a line of figure would follow. The first wave is a mix of heroes and villains, but Harley is sure to be the top seller in the line. It is the little touches that make this figure a cut above the rest, from the details on the bomber jacket, to the joker card tucked in her sock, Harley brings the Ant Lucia design to life. Our preview version from DC Collectibles came with no accessories, but the regular version will have a pop gun and mallet, as well as other hands.


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