Is Hasbro Bringing The Collector To Comic-Con?

By bill - June 1, 2016

collectorA new product shot suggests The Collector is going to join the 3.75″ Marvel Legends line… and he isn’t coming alone.

There’s an image circling the web which seems to be a product image of a new 3.75″ Marvel Legends box set, featuring a comic-inspired action figure of The Collector, along with The Inhumans’ Lockjaw, Howard the Duck, Cosmo the space dog, and a few more trinkets from the cosmic villain’s collection.  You can see the photo here:

As of now, there’s no details on what this set is, or when/ where it will be released… but the niche nature of the characters and the tie-in to next year’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 make me think it will be one of Hasbro’s thus far un-announced Marvel Comic-Con exclusives.  I could be wrong on that– for all I know this set is just a very well done batch of customs– but it looks pretty legit, and I think it would make for one hell of a SDCC exclusive.

What do you think?

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