Hasbro is Bringing MISFIRE and SLUGSLINGER To Transformers Generations

By bill - March 10, 2017

Check out the latest duo of Titans Returns Deluxe figures coming this Fall from Hasbro.

Hasbro revealed a bunch of cool new Transformers at NY Toy fair last month, but they had a few surprises left up their sleeve.  Two of those figures were revealed at the Australian Toy Fair– MISFIRE and SLUGSLINGER.

These two Deluxe class figures are part of the Titans Return collection, which means each features a Titan Master that pulls double duty as the head of the robot form, and a pilot for the vehicle mode.

While neither are precise replicas of their G1 decos, both Targetmasters are clearly inspired by their vintage colors. I’m curious how bright the pink-purple on Misfire will be on the final product… if it’s more muted than these images, it will be closer to G1, but if it’s this bright, at least he’ll be pretty dern eye-catching.

Hopefully this means we’ll see the other Targetmasters join the Generations collection sooner than later… as for this pair, they will hit most major retailers this Fall.  Check them out below:

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