Hasbro Brings The 90’s X-men to Marvel Legends

By kastor417 - May 2, 2019

The 90’s Jim Lee era of the X-Men are alive and well in the newest wave of Marvel Legends. Thanks to Hasbro sending a set over to us we have a look at the full wave. 

There is just something about the 90’s looks and stories that stuck for X-men. Over the last 80 years there have been so many versions of the characters, but their looks from the Jim Lee days are just iconic. From the comics to the cartoon they were drilled into any X-men fan the way the Perez look has become the the standard for the Justice League. This wave is a mix of the 90’s X-men cartoon, The Age of Apocalypse, along with a much more modern BAF.

There is not a stinker in this wave, from the sculpting to the costume choices nothing that stands out as something we did not need. This wave checks almost every box for collectors, mixing new and old, great accessories, and damn near perfect comic book translated designs. I know you are thinking well Hasbro sent you the set, but actually it is not in my hands yet. I went out looking for the wave last week because I wanted it that bad and thanks to Hasbro we will have a set to give away to one lucky reader.

Back to the set, The BAF might be the only figure I did not need for my collection, but after building him I was wrong. Based on a newer look, and a departure from the movie looks in the last few years, the big guy is spandex from head to toe but sports a scary looking head sculpt. The other figure on my list of not needed characters but surprised how good he is, Skullbuster. I will admit the Reavers was a confusing story line when I was just getting into reading comics as a teen and never cemented in my memory. My first though seeing him was, “I guess it’s better to have more villains, but meh”. I got him out of the box and was surprised with all the detail work on the vest along with the perfectly paint head and just admired the work that went into him. He also comes with a second head that looks great on the Nuke body, the Reavers team is kicked off.

On to the X-men themselves, starting with the name we all know has to be in an X-men wave, Wolverine. This is the first time we have had a Weapon-X in the Hasbro line, and while the unmasked head seems a little big, the masked head is perfect. The translucent tubing also adds to the overall feel of the tortured Logan. The one figure that feels like he gets lost in the shuffle is Forge. A necessity for any 90’s line up is just kinda plain next to all the other heavy hitters. In any other wave he might have been the standout like Bishop in the Deadpool wave, but here he just fades into the background.

On to the heavy hitters; Beast, Gambit, and Jubilee. The three of the them all look like they could have stepped off the pages a Jim Lee book. All have great articulation, two can do handstands, and the come with just enough to make them versatile in posing and for photos. Of the three Gambit is the real stand out, he might be the best in the wave. Yes, he reuses the same coat we have seen time and time again, but it does not hinder his movements at all. Jubilee is also eye catching, with 2 head sculpts that only add to the teen attitude.  The only thing that hurts Beast is his eyes. I think we all wanted his look from the cartoon, but getting a comic accurate version is nothing to complain about.

The star of this wave, and the figure I have been waiting for since the Marvel Legends line started almost 20 years ago is Blink. There is just something about this dimension hopping mutant that strikes a cord with me. She took charge of the Exiles team after her world was shattered after the AOA, and I could not be happier how she turned out.  I can remember riding my bike to the comic shop every week to see what adventures she was up to, and been begging for her to be made since I started the site. She comes with her spikes and a portal, her wind swept hair and skirt. I can hope we see more AOA in the line soon because I need an Exiles team sooner rather than later.

I love the X-men for sure they formed a special part of my brain in my teenage years, and I can’t wait to finish the Jim Lee team this year finally. The X-men are what got me back into Legends and I can’t wait to complete my Blue and Gold teams.

Thanks again for this second set of figures for review and our give away that will go live Friday morning.






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