Hasbro Brings You All The Marvel Heroes In An Amazon Box Set

By kastor417 - December 18, 2017

The Avengers Titan Hero Series 12 Pack is a perfect gift for your little Marvel Fan

When getting into collecting you have to hook them when they are young, and as much I would like to say Marvel Legends is that toy line it might be a little to fragile for small hands. Hasbro has you covered with the Titan Heroes, a 12 inch line that has all the big name heroes and sturdy enough for small hands. The Amazon Exclusive pack is perfect for Christmas, giving the younger collectors all the major heroes all in one set. In the set you get a good mix of Earth’s Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy, and when mixed with the regular releases in stores you get a complete Marvel universe.

So what makes these perfect for little collectors? Its the size and durability of the figures. When I first opened these I expected 5 POA for the figures for all of them, but surprised to see some have more.  About half of the  figures have ball jointed shoulders, hips that can sit or do the splits, and accessories. The sculpting on each of the figures resemble their move looks, mixed with some the comic designs making this a fun set to pose and play with. The other impressive feature of this set is the mix of male and female heroes, making this a gift for your favorite Marvel fan boy or girl. In the last few years we have seen an increase of female heroes in the toy lines, and this set does a good job making sure kids can make a full avengers team.

Overall this set is the perfect start to a Marvel Titan Heroes collection, and will only have you tracking down a Rocket Raccoon, Drax, and Hulk to complete your teams.

Thanks again to Hasbro for this review sample

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