Hasbro’s New Marvel Legends Are Going To Be Awesome!

By bill - December 16, 2013

cap-legends-featHasbro is coming through in a big way with Cap and Spidey Legends

I’ve been stoked for Hasbro’s Captain America and Amazing Spider-Man 2 Legends since they were revealed at Comic Con last Summer, but each time we get a better look at them I wind up even more excited to get these guys in hand as soon as possible.

First it was the reveal of the swap/ variant figures, with a strategy that seems like it will actually work.  Then, we discovered some of the Spidey Legends will sport switch-out hands and heads, something Marvel Legends collectors have been wishing for forever.

Now, thanks to the new listings and images posted at KMart’s website (the figures are not in stock yet, FYI), we get more surprise reveals with the second wave of Cap Legends!  The movie style Cap, Winter Soldier and Black Widow will all feature alternate heads AND a second set of hands, in addition to their other accessories and the Mandroid BAF parts.

Cap will get an unmasked second head (one that looks oddly not like Chris Evans), and two cool hands– one pointing a finger outward signaling his team to charge, and a saluting hand as well.  Bucky gets an unmasked alternate head as well as his rifle.  Black Widow is by far the coolest, with a spare set of hands and a second head featuring her shorter, wavy hair from The Avengers… finally completing the team as they appeared in the first movie!

Yes, there’s a few drawbacks here– I wish Widow featured removable pistols in her holsters, and Winter Soldier’s brown vest seems a little TOO brown, compared to the prototype seen at Comic Con, but these figures get so much right, there are small things to have to get over,

For a Cap nut like me, I now have no reason not to build at least two Mandroids– the swap figures in Wave One will get me halfway there, and the alternate heads on the movie figures more than justify a double purchase for me.

These figures look incredible, with great, all new sculpts and some incredibly cool bonus features that more than justify the increased $20 price tag.  What’s most exciting about these figures, though, is how they prove Hasbro really IS listening to what fans want.  These toys appear to be a true love letter to collectors, with all the extras and features we’ve all been dreaming of.  I cannot wait for these guys to hit, and they should be out in a matter of weeks!

Check out the latest images of both the Cap and Spidey Legends below, including packaged pics of both sets of figures.

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