Hasbro Reveals GI Joe/ Transformers Comic Con Exclusive

By bill - June 6, 2013

gijoe-sdcc-boxart-featHasbro carries their GI Joe/ Transformers meta-crossover to its logical end.

Meta, thy name is Hasbro!  For the third year in a row, Comic Con will see the release of a GI Joe/ Transformers crossover set, with Joe vehicles designed to look like Transformers characters in their vehicle form, as well as more geeky nods to both franchises than ever before.  The previous two sets focused on Decepticons, so it comes as no surprise that this year’s dauntingly massive $100 set will round out the Autobots side of the equation.

Being touted as the “epic conclusion” of the toy crossover trilogy, this set features a head-spinning amount of nods to both fan bases– the set is packed with two Autobots, a VAMP Jeep version of Hound and a new Sky Striker painted in the white and red deco of Jetfire.  The box also contains three Transformers-themed Joe figures, with an Autobot logo-patterned Snake Eyes and a sick looking new Baroness, who includes a poseable Ravage on a leash (a great nod to the First4Figures statue of legend), and a skull-faced samurai deco’ed out to match Decepticon Bludgeon.  If that wasn’t enough, the set will also contain an in-scale boom box version of Blaster, complete with three removable cassette tapes!

I’m exhausted just listing out the meta-references in this set, which absolutely takes the cake in regards to sheer amount of nerdy references between these two long-running brands.  I’m kind of glad Hasbro has made the crossover sub-set a finite thing, and this pack certainly does a nice job of closing out the series, while providing the most playable set yet, from a toy perspective.

It’s interesting to see Hasbro opt for so many large box, high ticket items at Comic Con this year.  It will certainly be a challenge lugging these exclusives home from San Diego, but when the toys are as cool as this Joe/ Transformer set or the recently-revealed Marvel Legends Thunderbolts team set, I am positive that we fans will find a way.

Source: USA Today

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