Hasbro Revolutions Crossover: Unfinished Business For GI Joe

By bill - August 22, 2017

GI Joe Renegades reaches its conclusion, while Action Man and Micronauts join Hasbro’s shared toy universe.

Hasbro’s IDW Revolution Crossover box set was one of the most ambitious Comic Con exclusives ever conceived, the first toy to bring together every corner of Hasbro’s new shared universe in a single box. Of course, that included representatives for both GI Joe, and their British counterpart, Action Man.

Both Roadblock and Action Man are 3.75″ tall, and are crafted in the Real American hero style. They mix previously released body parts with some new tooling– most notably the headsculpts– and for better or worse, I like that they fit in so well with the long running modern GI Joe toy line.

Roadblock is the more exciting of the pair, as far as I’m concerned… he was the only core team member from the short lived GI Joe Renegades to never get the toy treatment, and Hasbro cleverly chose that version of the character to include in this box set. Roadblock fits in fine with the rest of the Revolutions figures, sure… but he also works perfectly to round out the Renegades toy line, something many long time collectors had given up on.

I’ve always wanted an Action Man in the modern GI Joe toy line, so his presence in the IDW set is appreciated. That being said, I’m not in love with the stylized sculpt of his head, which looks very cartoony in comparison to the other Revolutions figures, as well as the greater modern Joe line.

Between that odd aesthetic and Action Man’s oddly blocky torso, I hate to admit he simply doesn’t measure up to the best figures in this box set. The purple and orange jumpsuit looks great, perfectly in line with the Action Man of the 90s that IDW seems to have drawn heavily from for their comics, and Action Man sports a decent arsenal of weapons to choose from… but in comparison to so many awesome figures he is pretty much the weakest overall.

Speaking of unfinished business, let’s cap off the Revolutions set with the Micronauts. The tiny robotic heroes are represented as non-poseable mini figures, as opposed to 3.75″ figures, which I think is a fun choice. Would it have been neat to get ONE 3.75″ Micronaut? Sure. But this route means Hasbro could include NINE of the heroes and villains of this property in a single box. And while they’re slightly too large to be truly in scale with their comic book counterparts, the visual of these roughtly 1″ mini figs against the 3.75″ or larger toys they’re packed with definitely conveys the right optics.

The Micronauts team features a variety of familiar names like Acroyear, Biotron, Baron Karza, and more. I’m confident we will see larger, fully poseable Micronauts figures in Hasbro’s future, but for the time being, these minis felt like a perfect addition to the Revolution set.

Thank you to Hasbro for sending along this review sample

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