Toy Fair 2014: Hasbro & Toys R Us Celebrate G.I. Joe

By bill - February 15, 2014

GI-Joe-50th-featGI Joe turns 50 this year, and Hasbro is getting ready to celebrate by cracking into their Vault!

If you’ve seen the photos or been to the last few GI Joe Conventions, you’ll be excited when I say Hasbro has cracked the GI Joe Vault wide open this year.  For the 50th Anniversary collection, celebrating the original military hero, Hasbro is teaming with Toys R Us for a series of exclusive two packs, three packs and vehicles, many of which came from the incredible Hasbro concept vault.

The new line will feature three segments–  “Versus” Two packs, “Outnumbered” Team Packs (3 figures each) and vehicles.

The Versus Two-Packs will include:

  • Social Clash: Lady Jaye vs. Baroness
  • Heated Battle: Heat Viper vs. Blowtorch
  • Arctic Ambush: Snow Job vs. Arctic BAT
  • Night Marksmen: Lowlight vs Night Viper

Outnumbered Team Packs, each featuring an off number of Joes versus Cobras (or vice versa) will include:

  • The Viper’s Pit: Cobra Trooper, Beach Head, Viper Officer
  • The Eagle’s Edge: Leatherneck, Destro, Hawk

The new line will also feature some cool vehicle packs, such as “Below Battle Zero” with the Cobra Wolf with Ice Viper vs. arctic Ghost Hawk with Snake Eyes, and a “Danger at the Docks” set with a VAMP Mk II and Cobra raft, and Flint and Cobra Eel figures.

While it was not mentioned at the show, it appears the Danger at the Docks set will get an alternate deco, possibly as a Comic Con exclusive, with Flint in his classic black and green colors.

While Hasbro didn’t have a lot to show for Joe, each piece was a total winner.  The lineup is clearly a case of quality over quantity, and the result feels like a great way for the Real American Hero to celebrate his 50th in style.

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