Toy Fair 2014: Hasbro & Marvel

By bill - February 15, 2014

Toy Fair 14 Marvel Kastor's KornerWith more Legends than ever before, the cool new Mashers and more, Hasbro and Marvel are gearing up for a great 2014.

Hasbro announced their new strategy for Marvel Legends last summer at Comic Con– tying the popular 6″ figures into the current Marvel movies at the box office, and it’s already paying off in a big way!  Not only are we seeing more Legends than ever before in one year, but they’re being incredibly well received at retail.

The Captain America and Spider-Man Legends out now at retail were on display, along with the Guardians of the Galaxy Legends, which looked amazing, and will deliver the full team from the upcoming movie in a single wave!

The series will include movie style figures of:

  • Starlord with an alternate unmasked head, dual blasters and walkman
  • Gamora with sword
  • Drax with twin knives
  • Rocket Raccoon with his big ass gun
  • Groot, the Build A Figure, who stands over 9″ tall

But that’s not all– the series will also feature two comic style figures:

  • Iron Man in his Guardians of the Galaxy cosmic armor
  • Nova in his Annihilation costume

The Guardians of the Galaxy Legends will not feature any swap figures, and the entire lineup will be released on a single assortment.  There will be more Marvel Legends revealed at Comic Con this summer, including more X-Men Legends toys in addition to the recently revealed Toys R Us First Class box set.

Hasbro is still looking for ways to release the figures from the Jubilee BAF wave, but it sounded like they will be broken up and not released as the assortment we saw at Comic Con last year.  The comic style Starlord figure is also still looking for a home, but with the movie out this year that shouldn’t be to hard to figure out.  All the remaining Legends in 2014 will follow the movie tie-in strategy, which between Cap, Spidey, Guardians, X-Men and Avengers 2 next year, should make it easy enough to find a home for virtually all the missing figures.

3.75″ collectors are getting some great new toys to look forward to as well. The new Marvel Infinite collection, a rebranding of the long running Marvel Universe series, will be released shortly, as a mix of new figures and reissues, many of whom will sport new decos, like the Ionic Wonder Man.

Upcoming figures for Wave 2 include:

  • Death’s head
  • Red She Hulk
  • Whirlwind
  • Walt Simonson-style Thor

Wave 3 was also teased, and will feature:

  • Deathlok
  • Ares

GOTG – 6/20/2014

Guardians of the Galaxy will get a wide variety of toys in addition to the Legends.  Hasbro is banking on this movie being a hit, and Marvel clearly has a great confidence in the project.  Seeing a toy line this wide has me more confident than ever that the big sci-fi action comedy will really be a hit.

Play action pieces in this assortment include the Starlord Blaster, with a dual mode dart blasting action, Big Blastin’ Rocket Raccoon, and 8″ tall, fully animated figure with dialogue from the movie and light up features, and a line of figures and vehicles in a new 2.5″ scale.

The 2.5″ figures will be available in Battle Two-Packs, feature five points of articulation and multiple accessories, which can be used by the figures or plugged into the vehicles.

Much like their larger Legends counterparts, this series will deliver the entire Guardians team, as well as villains, allies and other characters from the film.

Vehicles for this new scaled line include the Milano, Starlord’s hero ship with an exclusive Starlord figure, as well as Rocket Raccoon’s Warbird ship.

Rounding out the 2014 plans for Hasbro and Marvel are the Mashers, the customizable figures already proving to be a hit with kids and collectors alike.  Wave two, featuring additions like Venom and Falcon, are already on the way to retail, and Hasbro showed off a third set due later this year.

New basic figures will include Ghost Rider and Iceman, while the Battle Upgrade figures will follow a Thunderbolts theme with Deadpool and Red Hulk… each including a separate mash up piece for another character– a Giant Venom arm for Deadpool and a Colossus arm for Red Hulk.  The new sculpts looked even better than the launch figures, loaded with personality and a very fun play feature that makes me think Hasbro really struck gold with this new concept. They have also decided to let the Transformers in to the Mashers family, starting with some of the biggest names in the property.

There’s a lot going on in the world of Marvel right now, and Hasbro has a great idea on exactly how to stay on the forefront of it.  Their 2014 plans are already proving to be a smash hit, and the rest of the year looks just as promising!

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