Hasbro Unleashes Maximum Carnage In Spider-Man Legends

By bill - January 28, 2014

ASML-Crnage-featThe Amazing Spider-Man Legends Carnage is utterly perfect.

Sometimes I look at an action figure and immediately start thinking about how it could be improved, or what other direction the designers could have chosen to make a better end result.  But sometimes, a figure is so well made, so perfectly designed, there would really be no way to improve upon it.  That’s totally how I feel about the new Legends Carnage.

Spidey’s psychotic nemesis is a tricky design, and no figure before now has ever really managed to pull off his look, with its mass of swirling tendrils which (based on the comics) I always assumed were always in motion.  The new Legends figure really nails it with a clever combination of black paint apps on the figure’s body, along with some glued on tendrils which wrap and wind and vine around Carnage’s legs, arms and back.  The tendrils are beautifully rendered, creating a real sense of motion that leaves this one of the most visually interesting Legends figures I’ve seen in quite some time.

ASML Carnage 02

On top of this, Carnage also gets an amazing new head sculpt, capturing his classic look perfectly, as well as some wonderful exaggerated claw hands that feel as if they were pulled straight from Marc Bagley’s sketchbook. A good reuse of the Bucky body leaves this guy with plenty of appropriate posing options whether he’s squaring off against Spider-Man, Venom or menacing innocents on the toy shelf.

Carnage includes a Build A Figure piece to allow you to assemble the quite impressive Ultimate Green Goblin, but no other accessories.  When a figure is captured this wonderfully, it’s easy to forgive his lack of stuff… although I guess if there’s one thing that would have sent him even further over the top, it would be some alternate weapon hands.  I certainly don’t miss them, though.

Packed as half of the Spawn of Symbiotes swap, Carnage will be replaced in later assortments with the modern Eddie Brock Toxin, promising to add yet another great new symbiote to your collection in the future.

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Check back tomorrow as we continue our look at this awesome new series!

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