Hasbro’s Ant-Man Astonishes Comic-Con

By bill - August 11, 2015

ant-man-sdcc-featOne size does NOT fit all with Hasbro’s Ant-Man box set.

The coolest thing about the Ant-Man toy line from Hasbro is that, due to the hero’s ability to shrink and grow in size, the scale of each figure can differ dramatically, while still all fitting into one collection.  Hasbro’s Marvel Infinite Comic-Con exclusive takes this idea and runs with it, with a box set including five different Ant-Man related characters, each in their own unique scale.

Starting at the top, we’ve got the modern costume Giant Man.  Measuring in at 12″ tall, this figure– based on the same Marvel Icons body as Hank Pym’s other giant sized Marvel Universe hero, Goliath– sports a sharp design with his striking red and black costume, complete with antennae on his mask and a sculpted belt that adds to the texture of the figure.  This same costume was just featured in the Ant-Man Legends line in 6″ form, making this extra big Giant Man a perfect companion piece.

Speaking of companion figures, the next in this set is Pym’s alter ego, Goliath.  The yellow and blue costume is rendered perfectly with this 6″ figure, who had previously been released at 12″ in the Marvel Universe series (with an 8″ version with a slightly different costume released in the Toy Biz era).  To keep the figure-to-figure continuity, Goliath shares the Bucky Cap base body, just like Giant Man, and the two masked portraits of Dr. Pym look similar enough that it’s evident they are the same guy.

The next figure in this box is the 3.75″ Hank Pym.  The super scientist is wearing his traditional Ant-Man costume, but with a white lab coat over it.  This makes him a very unique looking figure, and a fun addition to either the Marvel Universe or Legends line.  Pym’s coat comes from Dr. Rex from the GI Joe: Rise of Cobra collection, and he features a great all new unmasked portrait, as well as an alternate helmeted head.

Scott Lang breaks up our Pym party, with a 2″ figure featuring the hero in his most recent costume.  The red and black bodysuit is well recreated, especially considering the small size of this figure, and his full-head visor makes him one of the more unique looking Ant-Men out there.  here’s hoping we see a bigger, more articulated version of Scott in marvel Infinite or Marvel Legends in the future.

Rounding out the set is the 1.5″ classic Ant-Man, a re-release from the Marvel Universe classic Avengers three-pack.  I can’t think of a better topper for this interesting, scale-bending set of figures.  Hasbro has certainly had fun with the variable sizes of Ant-Man, and the Comic-Con box set might be the most creative piece in the entire Ant-Man collection.  It’s great to see Hank Pym get his time in the sun, while also delivering great new renditions of Pym’s alter egos, in scales we’ve never seen before.  The Doctor Strange box set may be the most elaborate Marvel exclusive of the year, but the Ant-Man set is the definition of sleeper hit, delivering some really cool and fun new figures to the Marvel collection, regardless of the scale you collect.

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