Hasbro’s Avengers Legends Series 2 Lineup Revealed

By bill - January 23, 2015

avengers-legends-2In-package images confirm who’s in the second series of Avengers Legends from Hasbro!

The first wave of Avengers Legends has not even hit yet (and believe me, I’ve been scouring stores and the internet like a hawk trying to find them as soon as humanly possible), but now we have what seems to be solid confirmation of the second set of figures in this Age Of Ultron-inspired collection.

A poster on The Fwoosh named Dr. Zenith, who has in the past received advance product from Hasbro through one of his contacts, shared some photos of the full second wave of Marvel Legends, all mint in box.  From what I can gather, these are the final production figures, not prototypes or paint models, which has me thinking we’ll see this series of figures get released hot on the heels of Series One.

Who’s in the lineup?  It goes like this:

  • Captain America (Age of Ultron)
  • Iron Man Mark 43 (Age of Ultron)
  • The Hulk (Age of Ultron)
  • Batroc
  • “Fierce Fighters” – a swap figure spot shared between Spider-Woman and Hellcat

And our previously-announced Build a Figure is Thanos, in his current slightly revamped costume.

It’s a really good lineup– we’re getting TWO female characters in a single wave once again!– and major Cap nerd that I am, I couldn’t be more pleased that the Batroc figure that’s been haunting my dreams since Comic Con 2013 has finally found a home– and all the figures look great.  I know the movie figures aren’t ideal for some Legends collectors, but these guys appear to be fantastic all new sculpts, and they pack in as much detail and film accuracy as previous movie Legends.  If the Captain America Legends are any indicator, the Age of Ultron figures will be fantastic, brilliantly designed toys, regardless of your opinions of the source material.

I’m guessing we will see this wave turn up long before Age of Ultron hits theaters in May.  We will likely have two waves of figures floating in stores this spring, and I would hypothesize a third series– probably more movie-centric– will surface right around the time the movie hits theaters.  We’ll know for sure in a few weeks when Hasbro reveals their Toy Fair plans, but c’mon– do you really think we wouldn’t get an Ultron figure in the Age of Ultron series?

Hasbro-Marvel-Legends-Infinite-Avengers-Series-2-Carded-Back Hasbro-Marvel-Legends-Infinite-Avengers-Series-2-Carded

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