Hasbro’s Pre-NYCC Party Kicks Things Off In Style

By bill - October 11, 2012

New York Comic Con doesn’t start until tomorrow, but Hasbro got an early start with an epic party in NYC that will (hopefully) set the town for one awesome weekend.
Hasbro won’t have a booth at this year’s New York Comic Con– they’re hosting panels for My Little Pony and Transformers, but opted not to run a major booth presence. That didn’t stop them from joining in the NYCC festivities, with a swanky pre-NYCC party at Studio 450 in Manhattan.  The Hasbro team rubbed elbows with their guests amidst hours deurves, Avengers-themed cocktails, and, of course, brand new toys on display including some all-new Marvel Legends figures, the expansive line of Star Wars Angry Birds, and some new Kreo figures coming in early 2013 such as Star Trek and the amazingly cool G.I. Joe Kreos.

Marvel was well-represented at the showing, with Avengers figures and SHIELD Helicarriers adorning the bar serving such geek-inspired drinks as the “B.P.P. (Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist),” “Smash On The Beach,’ “Super Serum Cider,” and “Nectar of the Gods.”  For new stuff, Hasbro showed off their “flying” Arc Strike Iron-Man from next year’s Iron-Man 3 (complete with lights and a cool mechanism which automaticaly arches his head back into a flying position, and a lineup of Mini-Muggs, featuring the familiar Muggs design in a smaller, 3″ scale, including Tony Stark, a Drone from Iron-Man 2, and an assortment of armors from all three films.  The Iron-Man 3 toy line is scheduled for release next February.

At San Diego Comic Con, we learned that Marvel Legends’ second wave of 2013 would include Wrecker, Bulldozer and a Jim Lee costume Jean Grey, and this show revealed the lineup will now also include a stunning classic Hawkeye, Black Panther and a variant of Jean in her white Phoenix resurrection costume.  This likely only leaves one more figure to be revealed from this assortment, which will hit stores Spring 2013.

The other major reveal of the show was the awesome new Kreo properties coming next Spring.  The Star Trek line will kick off in support of the new movie hitting theaters next Summer, and Hasbro had their incredibly cool USS Enterprise on display. The buildable set includes Kreo versions of Kirk and Spock, and features blue light-up warp nacelles and a hinged body which opens to reveal the block-style bridge of the ship.

The G.I. Joe Kreos were announced a few weeks ago, but the entire launch assortment was on display.  The Toys R Us exclusive series will include large and small-size playsets, each with multiple figures, as well as small vehicles and a set of blind-bagged mini-figures.  I liked the Transformers Kreos, but the Joe ones blow them completely out of the water.  We get block-based takes on classic vehicles like the Trouble Bubble, Water Moccassin and a VAMP Jeep, as well as plasets like the Arashikage Dojo and a command outpost.  On the figure front, Hasbro is going DEEP, right out of the gate– everyone from Duke and a chrome-masked Cobra Commander to Jinx and the Cobra Air Troopers from the Marvel Comic are represented in the first assortment.  Oldschool Joe fans will be especially pleased that the Adventure Team’s Man of Action is even included in the assortment… complete with real flocked hair!

The showing was rounded out with some stylized displays of the Amazing Spider-Man, Transformers Prime, My Little Pony, a preview of the new Transformers Prime Beast Hunters series coming next Spring, and a major showing for the new Star Wars Angry Birds line… including a human-size slingshot for folks to take aim at a big Star Wars-themed Angry Birds target wheel!

Hasbro certainly knows how to entertain when they throw an event, and the pre-NYCC party was no exception. Check out a bunch of pictures from the party below, including lots of shots of the new toy displays (and a few of me failing miserably at the Angry Birds slingshot). New York Comic Con offciially starts tomorrow, so keep checking back all weekend long for the latest news from the biggest Comic Convention on the East Coast!

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