Hasbro’s Titans Return In The Titan Force 3-Pack At Comic Con

By kastor417 - August 23, 2016

Hasbro Titan Force SDCC 16 Kastors KornerHasbro had a lot of Exclusives at the Comic Con this year but one of the bigger sets was the Titans Return- Titan Force 3 Pack. 

The Titans Return series of Transformers are just starting to hit major retailers, so to kick off the line in a big way Hasbro did two exclusives at Comic Con this year. Fortress Maximus was too big for us to bring home, but the Titans Force 3 pack was much easier to transport. Like many Comic Con exclusives this set has repaints, which are great additions to any collections, but are not necessary to complete a roster. The set includes a translucent Sentinel Prime, a re-deco’ed Windblade to match Maximus, and Brainstorm.

Hasbro Titan Force SDCC 16 Kastors Korner 20Sentinel Prime, a redone version of the recently released voyager scale figure, is mostly cast in a translucent plastic. The figure is striking next to all the other Transformers, with the translucent parts catching and reflecting the light.

Brainstorm and Windblde are both deluxe scale figures, and are only slightly different from their retail counterparts. Windblade’s deco matches Maximus, making not getting him only so much more painful. Brainstrom has a bluer color to him compared to the upcoming version that has more green in the deco.

Transforming all three figures Windblade is the weakest, her bot mode is not a complete as the other two. You can still see her parts, hands and feet, when in alt mode, which is a shame because the bot mode is stunning. She also stands out because she is the only one without a removable head. Many fans will recognize the sculpt from the Robot in Disguise series a few years ago, and in many cases exclusives reuse previous figures, but in this case she does not fit the theme of the set. She looks good but a figure from the Titans line would have been more fitting in this set. Even with that she is one of the best sculpted bot mode Transformers in the line, so having her in the set is not a total miss.

This is one set that I like better than the retail releases, making it worth getting for my Transformer collection.

Thanks again to Hasbro for sending this sample for review. 

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