Hasbro’s Visionaries And Micronauts Bring The 80’s To Comic Con

By kastor417 - August 16, 2016

Micronauts SDCC 16 Kastors KornerThe Hasbro Comic Con exclusives were not all about the present, the Visionaries And Micronauts brought back the nostalgia of the 80’s.

During the late 70’s and early 80’s action figures were finding their place in the toy market. The old 8-12 inch figures were starting to fade out and the rise of the 6-3.75 inch line was just starting to take over the toy aisles. Figures based on cartoons were all the rage, and cartoons were turned into 22 minute toy commercials. If it was not a toy or not going to be a toy it was not part of the show, and the episodes would feature chracters, weapons, and vehicles for the specific purpose of selling those toys. As a kid I missed all the marketing ploys, but they were there because I wanted all the toys. Every year there would be a new crop of characters for me to beg my parents for, and every Christmas there was a theme that all the presents revolved around. I missed out on the Micronauts as a kid, but the Visionaries were a major memory for me.

Visionaries SDCC 16 Kastors Korner 05I think it was the holograms on the figures that caught my eye and my imagination. I loved the figures, and in my head they were a huge part of my childhood collection, but looking back it turns out it was a small line with a very short cartoon run. Those little GI Joe style figures with holograms left a huge impression on me, so much so that I still remember the moment I lost a helmet and made my Dad find it at his store in the dark basement for what seemed like hours. Even back then my figures always had to be complete! So when Hasbro announced that they would resurrecting Micronauts and Visionaries for Comic Con and beyond I was excited to see what they had in store for collectors.

The Micronauts set feels 80’s, making it perfect. The figures are as solid as the old figures, vacmetal and all. The three figures in the set have removable feet and hands as well as open plugs on the mid-thigh and back allowing for some customization. Each figure comes with something extra, from a firing backpack, to a jetpack, and even a time chamber. I don’t have any nostalgic connection to this line, so looking at it as an adult collector it is a cool set. It recreates the feel of the 80’s with a good amount of detail and accessories.

The Mighty Mugg Visionaries figure is near perfect, but not perfect. I do miss the Mighty Muggs, so this was a great return of the line. We won’t see all the Visionaries in this form, but the figure is striking thanks to the bright colors. It is fitting that he uses a body from another line, just like the line of the 80’s did with the Joe like bodies. The missing piece is the magic of the 80’s line, the hologram. The chest armor does have the lion, but missing is the 3-D hologram, replaced with a metallic sticker. When you move the figure the colors to change, the feeling is missing.

Both of these sets are great Comic Con exclusives, made for the die hard fans of the properties. Both are still in stock at Hasbro Toy Shop, so get them before they are gone.


Thanks again to Hasbro for the review samples. 

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