HASCON 2017: Black Panthers, And Spider-Men, and Deadpools… Oh My

By kastor417 - September 9, 2017

Marvel was a force at HASCON, bringing more Legends to the show with more reveals coming later this year.

Hasbro’s Marvel team showed off all the toys we have bought this year so far, with more to come in the coming months. It was both impressive and scary to see just how much the line has grown in the last few years, to become one of the dominant toy lines on the market.

There were some smaller scale figures from Black Panther, but the real star of the Marvel section of the HASCON floor was Legends. During the panel it was clear that they’re not slowing down, but also keeping track of all those newer collectors who would otherwise be left behind. Past characters are seeing the light of day with new figures as the Legends line continues to grow, giving Hasbro more avenues to deliver some of those long-out-of-production figures.

Check out the booth shot below and come back later this week to hear our interviews with the Hasbro Marvel team.

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