HASCON 2017: In A Galaxy Far……

By kastor417 - September 8, 2017

The HASCON Star Wars Panel and Booth has a lot to offer fans with reveals, and a new hope for the Vintage Collection. 

The first HASCON show did not disappoint fans of Star Wars, with a clear look at that stunning A New Hope themed SDCC diorama, and some new figures for both The Black Series and The Vintage Collection. 2018 is shaping up to be a great year for Star Wars fans already.

The next big things on the horizon are the Dewback for Black Series and the Hover Tank from Rogue One in the Vintage line. Shown only in pictures at SDCC, the Dewback is stunning, highlighting all the ridges and scales of the giant lizard. Also included is a new Storm Trooper with some unique accessories to make him just different enough to be a must have for collectors. The Black Series 3.75″ is ending its exclusive run at Walmart, so the Vintage Line can resume at all major retailers.  Hasbro is kicking things off with the Hover Tank, and the design and detail work on this rivals some of the model kits, making it a hard to pass up purchase for true Star Wars fans. It will fit in with the Rogue One toy line as well as A New Hope, since it’s from about the same time period in Star Wars canon. The Vintage Line also looks great, even though it will see re-releases of some of the Walmart waves from the past few years.

The 3.75″ Galaxy line will continue to build, giving fans a mix of Episode VIII and classic figures. The next mix including Benicio Del Toro’s shadowy DJ, Obi Wan, Yoda, General Leia, and more will start to hit stores as the anticipation for the next film builds. The Black Series will focus mostly The Last Jedi as the year ends, but is sure to switch gears next year to continue to build all the generations of Star Wars history.

We will have more from the world of Star Wars through out the weekend so make sure to check back to hear from the Star Wars Brand team on the Kornercast podcast.



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