HASCON 2017: More Than Meets The Eye

By kastor417 - September 9, 2017

The Transformers team did not disappoint fans of G1, bringing back the Dinobots and revealing what might be the ultimate Optimus Prime.

The Dinobots will combine next year to make of the most impressive Combiner in Transformers’ history. We got to see the prototype, which is not on the show floor, and it was a thing of beauty. Volcanicus will make it to shelves next year, and add a new bot to the lineup. A Raptor, Slasj, will be the first female Dinobot, a Legends scale figure.

Along with the Dinobots, Optimus Prime will get an update, and a little bit of an evolution. Orion Pax will be part of a larger figure that will pay tribute to the original G1 Optimus, and shows off some impressive design work. The next few years will see a lot for collectors. Make sure to check back this week for our Transformers brand team interviews.

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