The Hateful Eight is Quentin Tarantino’s Next Movie

By bill - July 31, 2014

hateful-eight-featAnd here’s the poster to prove it!

The Hateful Eight was going to be Quentin Tarantino’s next film for a while now.  But then, the script leaked online and he abandoned the project, the wind apparently taken out of his sails.  But then, there was a live script read earlier this year which went over like gangbusters, and Kurt Russell made mention that the movie was back on– and he had been cast.

But no word from Tarantino himself… until Comic Con, when he confirmed the new movie was, indeed back on track.  Not long after the director gave the official confirmation of The Hateful Eight, this great teaser poster made its debut.  I really like the stark, single color aesthetic of this image, as well as the Cinemascope logo at the bottom– proof positive that Tarantino is sticking to his guns and making his movie on film instead of going digital.

Any new Tarantino film is going to be a must-see in my book, but the fact that this is a project he just couldn’t walk away from fills me with even more anticipation to check this one out.  Hopefully we’ll get more news in the coming months… In the meantime I’ll continue avoiding the leaked script, so I can go into the film as blind as possible.


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