I’m Hating Harley Quinn’s Movie Look A Little Less Now

By bill - May 6, 2015

suicide-squad-featNew set photos reveal a better look at Harley Quinn’s movie costume, along with the rest of her co-stars from Suicide Squad.

The photo that revealed the cast of Suicide Squad wasn’t Jared Leto Joker level terrible, but it wasn’t the greatest.  One of the biggest disappointments to me was Harley Quinn, who, again, wasn’t as awful as that Joker, but certainly wasn’t too exciting, either.

Obviously taking a lot of visual cues from the Arkham video games, the street punk look has been part of Quinn’s character for a while now, and it will likely translate to live action better than a spandex bodysuit, but it just looked so… dull.  Where was the color?  What about Harley’s intentional asymmetry, as perfectly encapsulated in her original black and red harlequin suit?

Well, new set photos from Suicide Squad have helped set my mind at ease a little.  Apparently, Harley’s outfit actually DOES have the color split down the middle, with one side of her shorts and jacket in red and the other blue.  As is to be expected at this point from DC’s movie universe, she also appears to be covered in tattoos, some of which replicate the details of her comic book costumes.

Her t-shirt that reads “Daddy’s Little Monster”– to mention nothing of the gold choker with the word “Puddin”– seems a little on the nose, but again, that seems to be what the DC movie universe design department is going for.  Even still, the “Property of the Joker” stamp on the back of Harley’s jacket certainly seems a little… gross.

I’m still not sold on this look, but I guess I’m warming up to it a little?  At least in comparison to my ever-growing disdain for the Leto Joker.  Harley co-creator Bruce Timm’s seal of approval on movie Harley doesn’t hurt, either.  You can see the set photos in question here, and then let us know what you think of Harley’s new look.

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