Hemp Knight Rises! A Look At The Bluntman Baseball Cap

By staff-writers - September 10, 2015



You too can be Bluntman!

Technically, the Bluntman Baseball Cap first appeared in Chasing Amy as background art, drawn by Mike Allred. We then got a better look in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Bob when Jay and Silent Bob dressed up like Bluntman and Chronic. And finally we got to see it animated in Jay & Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie.

Now Diamond Select has teamed up with Kevin Smith to create the Bluntman Cap that everyone can wear.

The cap is made out of imitation leather with plush-like material in the ears to give them that Batman…er..Bluntman like look.

And best of all, it’s fully adjustable!

Check it out on my 3 year old son!

It really a very comfortable cap to wear and just perfect for Kevin Smith fans or Bluntman cosplayers.

The Jay and Silent Bob Bluntman Cap retails for around $24.99 and is currently available at most comic shops.

If your local comic shop doesn’t have it in stock, the cap can be bought directly from Diamond Select:

So go out and get yours now.

You can’t fight crime without the proper headgear!

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