Hidden In Steel

By kastor417 - July 3, 2013

MoS Kastor's KornerThe latest installment of the DC line of movies, Man of Steel left many fans wanting more. Some eagle eyed fans noticed some fun easter eggs in the film and now that many of your have seen the film lets take a look at some of the fun things the film makers hidden in plain sight.

Many who saw the film were disappointed when the credits were done scrolling on the screen they were not treated to an extra ending setting up the future of the DC Universe in film like Iron Man, but there were quite a few nods to the DCU that fans had fun looking for during the Man of Steel.

  • During the Zod Superman fight in space Zod picks up and throws a Wayne Tech satellite at Superman, could this be a normal satellite or one Bruce uses to look for Meta-humans?
  • Blaze Comics well know for promoting Booster Gold can be seen for a second during the battle in Metropolis.
  • During the Smallville and Metropolis battles there were multiple Lex-Corp signs in the background
  • Was it a coincidence that the person trying to save Metropolis in the military was called the Guardian?
  • There were not one but two Dr. Hamiltons in the film. There was the actual Dr. Emil Hamilton in the film played by Richard Schiff who works for Star Labs and a cameo by a former Emil Hamilton played by Alessandro Juliani from Smallville.
  • Another hero is also represented in the film by proxy. It appears the Green Lantern’s girlfriend might be the cute Captain Carrie Ferris during the film.
  • The Kryptionian exploration suits also look a lot like Luthor power suits. Will the Government share some secrets with the man who is rebuilding Metropolis?
  • And there was empty status chamber points to Kara, after all there was a house of El suit on the ship.

I’m sure I missed others and something could just be a coincidence, but what did you find?


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