Holiday Gift Guide: What To Get The Toy Collecting Geek On Your List

By bill - November 24, 2017

Here’s our picks for the very best gifts, for the geeks and nerds on your shopping list this year.

Toy collectors can be notoriously difficult to shop for. If there’s stuff we want, we tend to buy it because who knows how tough to find new toys will be, and besides… we tend to want them first. But thankfully, there’s an absurd amount of cool geeky stuff out there, which we’d appreciate no matter what we’re into.

I’ve assembled a list of some of the best gift ideas for somebody who probably already has the entire wave of Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends or most of The Last jedi toy line. I decided to break this down into a few convenient categories to help you figure out that perfect gift for the geek on your list.


The X-Files: Earth Children Are Weird: A Picture Book | Price: $13.29

Each time I rewatch it, I’m reminded of how great The X Files is. And now, a new revival season is waiting in the wings next January, making this the perfect time to celebrate the truth being out there. There’s no better way than with the painfully adorable The X-Files: Earth Children Are Weird picture book, which posits kid versions of Scully and Mulder solving mysteries and uncovering conspiracies.


A Die Hard Christmas: The Illustrated Holiday Classic | Price: $15.29

On the topic of illustrated books perfect for the season, A Die Hard Christmas reimagines the Night Before Christmas poem using the plot of the greatest Christmas movie of all time, Die Hard. The concept is awesome, and the artwork is gorgeous, making this the perfect addition to any holiday season. I can’t wait to read it and share the pretty pictures in front of my fireplace!


Super Mario Bros Mugs | Price: $14.99

You can never have enough mugs, and who can say no to Super Mario Bros? Think Geek has a pair of awesome Mario themed ceramic mugs, in the shape of an empty Turtle Shell, or Boo… either option is ready to menace the nearest plumber while holding your warm beverage of choice.

Turtle Shell | Boo

Tetris Flexible Magnets Sheet | Price: $1.99

Another fun video game gift! I can personally attest these magnets are addictive to play with, and they look great regardless of how you arrange them.


Back To The Future Hoverboard Replica | Price: $6.99

I first got this awesome mini replica via loot Crate, and it’s become the envy of my office. A perfect small scale version of Marty McFly’s Hoverboard, this piece is perfect for display (I’m especially for on the mirrored base which shows off the detail on the underside of the board)… or as an in scale accessory for a 1:6 figure of your choice.



USAopoly Monopoly: Planet of the Apes | Price: $39.95

There’s a ton of cool themed Monopoly games under the USAopoly brand, but the delightfully retro Planet of the Apes Monopoly sports some of the best artwork I’ve seen on a game board.


Wet Hot American Summer: Fantasy Camp | Price: $20.00

Full disclosure– I have yet to play this game. But Wet Hot American Summer is awesome, and an old school, book-based RPG seems like the perfect thematic continuation of the cult classic franchise. We’ve been to the first day of camp, and the ten year reunion, but this game marks the first time we can have our own adventures at Camp Firewood… and that truly feels like a gift that keeps on giving.


Disney TOYBOX | Price: $12.95

Know someone still mourning the too-soon ending of Disney Infinity? Disney Store’s exclusive TOYBOX action figures draw from the same excellent character designs, now taking the form of fully articulated action figures. The debut assortment features favorites from Toy Story, Star Wars The Force Awakens, and The Avengers, in the cool Infinity aesthetic.


Storm Collectibles Street Fighter Chun Li | Price: $65.00

If you haven’t noticed, I’m trying to avoid action figures themselves as much as I can on this list, because collectors tend to buy what they want right away. But if you’ve got the budget, you can always turn a collector on to a new toy line, or at least deliver a toy they’ve most likely been eyeing without buying. Chun Li from Storm Collectibles’ Street Fighter V line is a perfect candidate, because she’s the most iconic character from the franchise, and this is a GREAT toy. Whether it’s the first figure they get in a new toy line, or just a single great action figure, this Chun Li makes for a perfect addition to any collection for Street Fighter fans.



We Hate Movies Patreon | Price: $8.00 per month

Whether you know a movie junkie, a fan of comedy, or a podcast disciple, they’ve probably heard of We Hate Movies. One of the funniest podcasts on the internet offers a Patreon which includes bonus episodes, a newsletter, and side podcasts exclusive to subscribers.


Stitcher Premium Subscription | Price: $17.50 per year

Maybe you’re shopping for a listener with more diverse tastes? Stitcher Premium is probably THE premier paid podcast subscription, with dozens of exclusive series, full archives of some of the top podcasts out there, and stand up specials from amazing comedians. Stitcher Premium is running a special for Black Friday where annual subscriptions are 50% off, which breaks out to less than two bucks per month. That’s an awesome deal for this much stellar content.


How Did This Get Made? Enamel Pins | Price: $8.00 each

Paul Sheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas have created a cult of personality around their epically hilarious podcast How Did This Get Made? and there’s no better way to indicate you’re a fan than these absurd and stylish enamel pins featuring their faces. Nothing says “making fun of bad movies” better than rocking this trio of pins on a jacket of your choice!

Paul | June | Jason


Bi-monthly Bird Box – “Christmas Crafts” | Price: $19.99

There’s no shortage of Mystery Boxes out there, but desperately few of them feature the amazing art of Brandon Bird. His next subscription box features a holiday theme and includes “improbable art items and surprise goodies” in his style. Past boxes have included a Frasier themed choose your own adventure book and retro video game cartridge labels for Cheers: The Game and Arby’s, just to give you a hint of the weirdness in store for this box. If you’re not familiar with Brandon’s work, do yourself a favor and visit as soon as possible.


Mezco Black Friday Mystery Box | Price: $60.00

Mezco has once again offered a mystery box for Black Friday, and this year’s is pretty killer– each box includes at least three of the following: a One:12 Collective figure, a Living Dead Doll, a stylized figure, a 12″ figure, or a tote bag and activity book. Considering that could include Thundercats giant size figures, lots of horror icons, and anything from the amazing One: 12 Collective, it’s a great value at only sixty bucks.


Funko Mystery Box | Price: $20.00

Funko and Gamestop have been releasing cool mystery boxes for the last few Black Fridays, and their latest goes retro, offering one of five exclusive 8-Bit Pops in each box. The lineup includes Ryu from Street Fighter, Raiden from Mortal Kombat, Joker, Predator, or Mega-Man. That sounds like a winning box, no matter who’s inside. And that’s just one of three things in the box.


Loot Crate Subscription | Price: $31.40 – 108.78

The kings of geeky subscription boxes, Loot Crate is running a Black Friday weekend deal with 30% off subscriptions, along with a bonus box of cool swag just for signing up. You can get a year’s worth of fun, geeky exclusive toys, shirts, and more for just over a hundred bucks right now. Having been a subscriber for years already, I can attest that is an outstanding bargain!



Bloom County: Real, Classy, & Compleat 1980 – 1989 | Price: $66.85

Berkeley Breathed’s Bloom County may be the greatest comic strip to ever grace the newspaper, and IDW has collected every single strip from it’s legendary nine year run in a beautiful two-volume collection. This set belongs on the bookshelf of any art aficionado, comic reader, or comedy lover.


THE WALKING DEAD – Shiva Force | Price: $100.00

I know what you’re about to say– The Walking Dead totally didn’t exist in the 80s. And this is true. BUT, one of the biggest things in that decade for GI Joe fans was the release of Tiger Force, the sub-set of Joe action figures in funky tiger striped alternate colors. Skybound and McFarlane Toys have paid tribute to that repaint concept with their Walking Dead toy line, leading to Shiva Force, a set of four heroes from the Image comic in tiger-themed decos and GI Joe style cardbacks. It’s a super fun concept, and it’s being paired with Lucille Patrol, another batch of repaints re-imagining the greatest villains in Walking Dead history as a squad of snake-like warriors set to oppose Shiva Force.


Stranger Things Season 1 Collector’s Edition: Target Exclusive (Blu-ray + DVD) | Price: $24.99

How do you possibly justify buying a Blu Ray version of a Netflix streaming original? The best answer is awesome packaging that looks great on display. And that’s exactly what we have with the Target exclusive Stranger Things Season One disc, which is modeled to look like a weathered VHS tape. It’s perfectly retro and totally cool… perfectly in line with the series itself, making this a great gift for anyone obsessed with Stranger Things.


Ducktales Season Pass | Price: $29.99

We’ve seen revivals and reimaginings of virtually every 80s property there is, but none have yielded results as amazing as Disney XD’s Ducktales. The animated series draws from both the Disney Afternoon classic and the vintage Uncle Scrooge comic books, and adds in a PERFECT voice cast, resulting in one of the best cartoons I’ve seen in ages. While it’s still airing new episodes on Disney XD currently, the Season Pass is available for less than $30 from Amazon, YouTube, and other streaming services, which translates to a gift of great episodes already available, and the promise of more to come for the rest of Season One.


Aliens Col. James Cameron Action Figure | Price: $24.99

Aliens is an awesome movie. James Cameron is an awesome filmmaker. And NECA has combined the two into a truly awesome action figure, giving the director a place in the film he created as a Colonel in the United States Colonial Marines. This 7″ action figure will be well received, whether it’s going to a long time NECA collector, or a fan of the Aliens series who’s never bought an action figure in their life. Cameron is currently sold out at The NECA Store, but will be available over the next few weeks, exclusively at Toys R Us.


Trypticon | Price: $139.99

In terms of Transformers, nothing brings me back to childhood like a robot dinosaur that eats other robots… and that’s exactly what Trypticon is known for. The highlight of 2017’s Titans Return collection, Trypticon is one of the best Transformers toys of the year… but between price point and limited availability at brick and mortar retailers, he may have been overlooked when he first hit back in August.  That makes this Titan Class toy a perfect candidate for holiday gift giving, both to collectors who loved the vintage release, or kids who want to feed their Headmasters to this massive, 18″ head to tail beast.



Brandon Bird T-Shirt Team Quarterly Subscription | Price: $60.00

Some people just love t-shirts. I say that with no judgment, as that’s basically my daily clothing choice. For those like me, the biggest deciding factor is not IF it’s going to be a t-shirt, but what is ON that t-shirt. And Brandon Bird’s designs are often tailor made for tees. This is why his t-shirt service might make the perfect gift. He’s got three winners right out of the gate, from Mr. T and the greatest Hannibal Lecter celebrating the holidays or Guy Fieri tapping his inner Rob Liefeld. This will most likely be THE t-shirt collection to envy, and this Christmas is the best time to get in on the ground floor.


Beauty and the Beast By Oliver Barrett | Price: $60.00

Mondo is well known for their gorgeous prints, and one of the highlights they currently have available is Oliver Barrett’s wonderful tribute to this year’s live action retelling of Beauty and the Beast. This 36×24 poster will look great framed in any environment, from an office at work to a living room at the house. The painterly, storybook aesthetic of the illustration is a perfect choice for this classic tale of monster loves lady romance.


Star Wars BB-8 Tea Set | Price: $27.93

Everybody loves BB-8, and there’s been many different iterations of our favorite Resistance droid, but few are as adorable as this tea set. BB’s round shape lends itself perfectly to every aspect of this Her Universe set, which is destined for the hutch or coffee table of the Star Wars fan on your list.


Marvel Legends Series Star-Lord Electronic Helmet | Price: $98.97

Here’s the deal– music is a big part of the Guardians of the Galaxy film series, and Hasbro’s wearable Star-Lord helmet plays into that with the inclusion of speakers which can sync with various devices to play your favorite tunes in the helmet, which is itself a great representation of the mask seen in the movies. Is it irresponsible to go for a jog listening to music in a Star-Lord mask? I’m not one to say… but I would definitely do that in lieu of wireless headphones. And if it’s good enough for me, gentle reader, it should be good enough for whoever you’re shopping for.



Star Wars The Black Series First Order Stormtrooper with Gear (Amazon Exclusive) | Price: $34.99

So you’ve decided to try and buy an action figure for the action figure collector you’re shopping for. One bit of advice I can give is to focus on army builders or customizable troops. This means, even if your subject already owns it, they have the option to amass their armies or change up the figure in hand. Amazon’s exclusive First Order Stormtrooper can do both, thanks to the generic, army building nature of the character and the amazing variety of gear the figure is packed with, which allows you to deck the soldier out in a range of unique gear and weaponry. There’s no limit to the number of Stormtroopers you can have in a toy army!


Converting Power Bank Optimus Prime | Price: $49.99

Another option is finding an alternate function to an action figure. Hasbro did a great job of this with their Power Bank Optimus Prime, first released as a HASCON exclusive. This convertible Transformers action figure also serves as a fully functional power battery, giving him a valuable use past another toy on the shelf. Conversely, he also has a leg up on other power batteries… because they can’t transform into robot warriors.


BB-8 2-In-1 Playset | Price: $169.99

This set has been out since Force Friday, but a lot of Star Wars collectors skipped the BB-8 2-in-1 playset thus far. That’s a mistake, because this set is AWESOME. On the one hand, it’s a roughly 1:1 scale BB-8 which looks great on display. But in its alternate mode, this toy becomes a playset able to display the entire Last Jedi 3.75″ collection, with multiple action features and more fun stuff to play with.  As an added bonus, the set includes a Force Link wristband as well, which opens up a new way to play with Star Wars figures, by unlocking sound effects and quotes from the movie thanks to the microchips built into each figure. This playset is the perfect way to accent and build upon just the collection of Last Jedi themed figures and vehicles Hasbro has released. Many collectors have ignored these added features of the toy line until now, but the holidays seem like the perfect opportunity to help them truly appreciate how awesome these toys already are. This is the perfect gift to do that.


And for those of you shopping for us Geeks check out our shopping advice on the Kornercast

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