Holy LEGO Pieces Batman!

By kastor417 - April 5, 2016

Lego Batcave 66 Kastors KornerIt took 3 days and over 2500 bricks, but it was worth it to see the Batcave full of heroes and villains. This set is the definitive Batman 66 set, and hard to pass up if you grew up watching the show. The cave is the star of the build, but that does not mean the skimped on Wayne Manor. The study is the most detailed part of the build, with wall paper, portraits, a desk and many other little touches. The entrance to the cave is also filled with figures, three of the eight are made mostly for this room. The little touches are what set this set apart, and this room has a couple that stand out. The secret button leading to the cave under the Shakespeare bust, the famous red phone, and the police files on Mr. Freeze all add to the overall value of the set. The poles are not connected to the lower poles, so they allow you to pose the duo about to go down to change in the cave. The outer side of the build has a wall of Wayne Manor, with windows that open, allowing you to recreate the famous cameo’s from the show. It is a fun little feature that might need some modification, allowing me to plug in other minifigures that can stay and not have to rely on my Lego balancing skills.

The majority of the set is makes up the cave, and it is almost perfect. The main issue is the right side of the build only covers 30% of the exposed building supports, leaving the rest open and distracts from the well covered front and lower sides. An extra 100 to 200 pieces could have covers the remaining sides, completing the overall look of the cave, but it would have raised the price by about $20, so in the end it will fall to collectors to decide to cover up the side supports or leave them exposed.

The cave itself recreates the look of the Batman 66′ set with incredible detail. The bat computers, lab tables, and cabinets add to the overall feel of the set. Allowing each of those as separate builds all also allows collectors to create the Batcave layout of their preference. The center build has computer banks lining the sides of the reactor core, and it is those little details that elevate this set making it worth the high price tag. The final large build of the set is an entrance for the Batmobile and a helipad for the Bat-copter, more of a storage space then part of the cave.

There are also a few extra builds to this set that round out the Batcave. One of the signatures of the Batman 66′ show was the vehicles, and this set is not short on them at all. The largest of the three included is the Batmobile itself. It expands on the SDCC version from a few years ago, and has all the little details that made the actual car so much fun. The Bat-copter is a one seater, so you can recreate the famous shark scene from the film, but the Dynamic Duo can’t ride together. The final vehicle is the Bat-cycle, which features the standard Lego bike with an attached side car.

Usually the stars of these licensed sets are the minifigures and this set is no exception. There are eight minifigures, nine if you count the Mr. Freeze that comes separate this mouth from Lego. The alter egos of Bruce and Dick are in their 60’s look, along with Alfred in his tux. The Riddler, Penguin, and Catwoman could pass for the comic counter parts, but the Joker is the standout of the villains. both sides of the head have the signature Caesar Romero painted mustache, make this undeniably this Joker. Batman and Robin also match the show looks with classic colors and details from the show costumes.

This is by far the largest single set I have attempted, and will stay assembled for a while. Grab it while you can and get it this month before Mr. Freeze is gone.

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