I SO Hope These Jurassic World Plot Rumors Are True

By bill - May 21, 2014

jurassic-world-featRumored details from the Jurassic Park sequel are making this a must-see kinda movie.

Jurassic World is filming now, but we don’t have many confirmed details about the new film yet.  We know it’s set in a fully realized, functional version of the theme park John Hammond envisioned, but that’s about it.  However, a new report from Jo Blo is loaded with some plot rumors which, if true, could make for a totally ridiculous and fun return for the great thunder lizards.

The biggest bit of supposed news?  While the park is filled with the dinosaurs we’ve already seen, the scientists at Jurassic World aren’t happy leaving well enough alone, so they begin splicing DNA to make an all new creature, which is the big bad of the movie:

They splice together a T-Rex, raptor, snake, and cuttlefish to create a monstrous new dino that, of course, gets loose and terrorizes the park.

So, I’m envisioning it will kind of look like this:


I’m loving this idea… it has the exact right “What has science done?” tone of human arrogance to make for a fun cautionary sci-fi spin on the traditional Jurassic story.

But that’s not all– the rumor goes on to suggest that Chris Pratt’s character is a dinosaur trainer– and he teaches his animals to FIGHT this genetic monstrosity!  It’s not quite to the level of absurd brilliance as the John Sayles script, which featured human-dino hybrids toting guns and cracking jokes, but c’mon– how can you not want to see Andy Dwyer and a squad of dinosaurs fighting monsters??

None of this is confirmed, but to me it seems like a good new direction for the revamp of the franchise, adding some B-movie charm to an already kind of B-movie scenario.  I think it could be a lot of fun… how about you?

Source: Jo Blo

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