UPDATED: Hordak IS Coming to SDCC 2014!!

By kastor417 - April 30, 2014

Filmation Hordak 3Mattel confirms Filmation Hordak will be one of their 2014 San Diego Comic Con exclusives.

UPDATED:  It’s true– Mattel revealed today that a Filmation deco Hordak will be one of their 2014 Comic Con exclusives.  Matty Collector made the announcement today, along with a re-reveal (?) of the previously announced DC Universe Doomsday in containment suit figure.

Mattel teased that they will unveil the next pair of Comic Con exclusives on Tuesday May 6th, and five more items on Tuesday May 13th.  What those could be is anyone’s guess at this point… but based on past releases I think at least something from Hot Wheels and something from Monster High are likely.

As for Hordak, he will include his Imp sidekick figure and be packaged on a blister card.  Hordak figures sold at the convention only will also include a polybagged bonus– the Imp as a Treasure Chest– which will not be made available to non-attendees.

Hordak, Doomsday and Mattel’s other SDCC exclusives will go up for pre-sale on June 24th at MattyCollector.com for pick up in San Diego, and on August 5th for the general public.

Images started to pop up on the internet today of a Filmation Hordak figure. The figure reuses a lot of part from the previous version, with some minor changes and a new deco. Fans are critical of the reuse of the head sculpt, because as a SDCC exclusive there is sure to be a price hike, and this is mostly just a repaint. So what do you think will you get the figure or have you been burned too many times

Oh and for comparison here is a design created by artist Emiliano Santalucia from 2012 with a much better design for the figure.

Oh and for comparison here is a design created by artist Emiliano Santalucia from 2012 with a much better design for the figure.

Source: Matty Collector

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