Four Horsemen Bringing Power Lords Exclusives To NYCC

By bill - October 8, 2013

power-lords-featThe Four Horsemen reveal the Power Lords exclusives for NYCC!

UPDATED 2pm 10/8/2013:

So I was wrong about the Horsemen bringing the recently revealed Sydots to NYCC… but we get a super cool pair of Ggrapptikk Grunts instead, so how can you argue with that??  Read on for the Horsemen’s announcement:



2013 New York Comic Con! Onell Design’s booth – #102! Saturday, October 12th 1pm to 4pm! Power Lords: Ggrapptikk Grunts figures! Two versions! Extremely limited supplies! Poly-bagged, stickered and numbered! $13 each or both versions for $25!

The first variant figures to be released of the Power Lord’s fan favorite character, Ggripptogg, these two Ggrapptikk Grunts feature multiple points of articulation as well as modular playability via the amazing Onell Design’s Glyos “pop & play” system! Each comes with his massive Mega-Mace also featuring Glyos compatible modularity. If you remember the Power Lords: Power Solder & Elite Solder that were shared exclusives for the 2013 Power Con and Store Horsemen from a few weeks back, then you know that you need to get to the Onell Design booth early or you’ll miss out!

The Ggrapptikk Grunts will be available for purchase at Store a couple days after the end of the 2013 New York Comic Con on October 13th at 3pm, but ONLY if there’s remaining stock left after the Power Lords Fan Club members 48 hour pre-sale window. Power Lords Fan Club members also get 10% off the purchase of these figures (through ONLY). To join the Power Lords Fan Club, just go to

Here’s the original post:

I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise– after the debut Power Lords exclusives sold like gangbusters at last month’s Power-Con, it stands to reason that the Four Horsemen would do what they can to get more figure out there as soon as possible.

In this case, ASAP means later this week (!!!) as the toymakers announced that their New York Comic Con appearance would not only bring the previously revealed Outer Space Men White Star Edition, but also a pair of new Power Lords exclusives to follow up on the Power Soldiers.

No word yet on who the new exclusives will be, but my hopes are on these cool-looking Sydots the Horsemen revealed a few weeks back.  We’ll find out soon enough… in the meantime, here’s the announcement from the Horsemen:

The 2013 New York Comic Con is coming up this weekend and we’re going to have some NYCC/Store Horsemen shared exclusives to sell. The White Star Outer Space Men that were mentioned previously will be offered as well as a pair of new Power Lords variant figures.

We’ll be at the Onell Design booth on Saturday from 1pm until 4pm selling product, signing autographs and just hanging out meeting people.

Images and more info coming in the next day or two, but if you know what happened with the Power Soldiers and Elite Soldiers we sold at Power Con and on Store Horsemen a few weeks back, then you know you’ll want to get in on this as quickly as possible.

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