Four Horsemen Bringing Power Lords To Kickstarter

By bill - February 12, 2015

power-lords-lord-power-featThe Four Horsemen update us on their 2015 plans for Power Lords.

Power Lords was one of my favorite toy lines of 2014, and I don’t think I’m the only one who’s been waiting eagerly to find out what’s coming next from the Four Horsemen’s awesome reboot line.  We’ve seen the prototypes for Sydot, Disguyzor, Raygoth and more… but no solid details on when or how they will be available.

The Horsemen have chimed in with a big update that answers this question, and addresses some other questions and concerns about this toy line.  The long and short of it– the line WILL continue in 2015, but in a different structure.  Instead of the figures being released in small waves throughout the year, the Horsemen are bundling a bunde of figures into one mega-wave of figures, which they plan to fund through Kickstarter.  It worked for their Gothtropolis Ravens figures, and it’s already proving successful for their new Mythic Legions line, so this makes sense.

Also, the revamped line will feature more unique figures, and less repaints and color variants.  Again, this makes sense, and by crowd funding the overhead for more original tools, the Horsemen should be able to pull this off much easier.

I’m okay with this plan, as I think it could result in a more streamlined, less variant-heavy Power Lords toy line, one that sees the release of many more of the weird and classic creatures developed by Wayne Barlowe.  I wish the Horsemen the best of luck here; what they’re doing now, on their own, is worlds different than their time with big companies like Mattel or Toy Biz of McFarlane.  They’ve got the artistic skill to create some truly great toys, and it seems like Kickstarter is a good platform for them, in terms of commerce.

Here’s the whole update, straight from the Four Horsemen:

Big things are coming for Power Lords in 2015! Fans have been asking many questions about the status of Power Lords over recent month, and we wanted to answer questions and give a status report on where the line stands and what the future holds.

After a hugely successful first year of releases with Power Lords, we decided to take a breath and examine what fans have loved about the line, what could be improved upon, and how to do it in a way that works well with our business. Power Lords fans have been very passionate and supportive of the line, but the way that we’ve currently structured the line, we haven’t been able to sustain their appetite for newly tooled figures. We want to complete this line as much as anybody, so we want to ensure that it’s going to happen!

Here are some of the answers to the biggest questions:

The Power Lords Fan Club

Although the membership term was supposed to end in October of last year, we have decided that for the time being anyone with a current membership will be a member indefinitely. The only reason this might change in the future is if we offer a subscription 2.0 version. But for now all benefits and discounts will apply until further notice. With much of the initial club merchandise being sold out, and an uncertain release schedule, we just aren’t comfortable selling any more memberships until there is a compelling reason for people to buy in.


Upcoming Releases

After looking over sales and production numbers along with general fan response, it’s become apparent that customers are most responsive to the fully painted/carded releases. It’s also glaringly obvious that it’s taking way to long to get from one main character to the next with too many variant releases in between. With that in mind we are looking at an all new release strategy based on a Power Lords Kickstarter campaign. We already have Sydot, The Power Soldier Assassin, Disguyzor, Raygoth, and some of their army builder variants ready to go, so we decided “why not just release them all at once?” We still have a lot of planning and work to do (and hopefully some sculpting on new characters before the launch!) but we do hope to have a massive wave of figures ready for release by late summer!

Dark Nebula Power Solder and Neutron Blast Lord Power

We showed off some images of the Dark Nebula Power Soldier and Neutron Blast Lord Power a while back, and we are finally ready to set a sale date for these new figures. This will not be a pre-sale as the figures are already here and ready to be shipped out! The figures will go up on on February 20th to Power Lords Fan Club members only at 3:00pm (and if any are left, sales to the general public will open up at 3:00pm on February 22nd), and will begin shipping on the following Monday. They’ll be priced at $10.00 each, plus shipping & handling. If you are a Volcan Rock level or a Trigore level Power Lords fan club member your discount will be applied when your order is manually processed.

That’s about it for now, but please keep checking for more information at, on Facebook at, and on Instagram-@Four_Horsemen_Studios

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