Four Horsemen Launch Power Lords Fan Club

By bill - September 12, 2013

power-lords-featIt’s time to get pumped for the latest Four Horsemen collection… and they’re launching a fan club to get you ready!

The closer we get to the impending release of the Four Horsemen’s latest in-studio series Power lords, the more excited I get.  The Kaiju of Pacific Rim served as a great reminder of how great a creature designer Wayne Barlowe really is, and seeing toymakers as talented as the Horsemen re-imagine his cult classic 80s franchise is pretty amazing.

Equally amazing, in advance of the upcoming series, is the Horsemen’s latest endeavor– a three tiered Power Lords fan club, which offers some really sweet swag for any fans of the vintage toy line, Barlowe or the Horsemen in general.

Each package is outlined below, and you can order any of them from the Horsemen’s online store, starting NOW… Check out all the cool swag below and join me in getting increasingly antsy waiting for this amazing toy line to launch!

From Four Horsemen Toy Design:

We just launched the Power Lords Fan Club and now you can join to get your hands on Power Lords mini poster/prints, a Power Lords Fan Club membership card, Power Lords t-shirts, and even exclusive Power Lords action figures that you won’t be able to get anywhere else!

We’ve set the Power Lords Fan Club up at three different levels at Store Horsemen to fit into any budget and there’s no limit to the number of annually renewed memberships you can buy. The levels and items you’ll receive with each level are listed below…

power-lords-fan-club-trigore-level-3.gif1TRIGORE LEVEL ($20.00, plus s&h):
– Power Lords mini poster/print created by fan favorite Nathan Baertch
– Power Lords logo sticker
– Power Lords Fan Club plastic, numbered membership card
– Subscription to the Power Lords Fan Club e-mail newsletter
– Priority Power Purchasing (access to purchase items 48 hours before the general public)
– Exclusive access to future Power Lords Fan Club incentives.

power-lords-fan-club-power-ship-level-3.gifPOWER SHIP LEVEL ($60.00, plus s&h)
– Includes everything in the Trigore Level, plus…
– 10% discount on all Power Lords purchases through Store Horsemen
– Power Lords t-shirt with Ggripptogg image designed by fan favorite Nathan Baertsch
– Exclusive Power Lords Fan Club only Ggrabbtargg figure


VOLCAN ROCK LEVEL ($100.00, plus s&h)
Includes everything in the Trigore & Power Ship Levels, plus…
– Ultimate Edition Barlowe Tribute Ggripptogg figure signed by Power Lords designer & creator – Wayne Barlowe, and by the members of Four Horsemen Design
– Ggripptogg mini poster/print signed by Power Lords designer & creator – Wayne Barlowe, and by the members of Four Horsemen Design.

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