Four Horsemen Usher in the Toypocalypse

By bill - February 16, 2014

Toy Fair 14 4 Horsemen Kastor's KornerThe Four Horsemen took over Toy Tokoyo for the opening night of their fourth annual Toypocalypse show.

For the past four years, despite the perpetual crappy winter weather during Toy Fair, the Four Horsemen have held Toypocalypse, their annual toy are gallery show at TT Underground.  This year’s showcase featured many of the projects the legendary toy designers current have going, including Outer Space Men, Power Lords, Gothtropolis, their new in-house line Mythic Legions and even a corner for the Masters of the Universe they have been doing for Mattel.

It was impressive to see everything together– there’s a wide variety of styles, scales and design choices to the various Horsemen products, yet all of it has a look and feel that is decidedly them.  Outer Space Men showed off not only the previous figures in the collection, but the final packaged samples of the last assortments, which are scheduled for release early this year.

On the Masters of the Universe front, a nice display throughout the span of the series was on display, along with a new reveal snuck in– Madam Razz, with her broom. The Gothtropolis birds were on display, with photos of the parts in various stages of production, and the Raven, Flamingo, Eagle and Vulture on display.  They look so good, I’m getting very tempted to finally catch up on this line.

The Mythic Legions are an amazing looking new series of knights, dwarves and skeleton warriors.  The detailing on these figures is incredible, and their interchangeable parts means they are fully customizable.  On display for this series were a variety of figures in multiple colorways, each with period appropriate armor and weaponry.  The figures on display were two-ups, while the final production figures will be in 3.75″ scale and fully Glyos compatible.  While I like the compatibility idea, these guys looked amazing as 6″ figures, so I’m hoping the Horsemen consider this scale as well for their fledgling toy property.

Rounding out the night were a Mythic Legions custom display, featuring the work of some amazing designer toy names, and the Power Lords display (along with original creator, the legendary Wayne Barlowe).  The Power Lords’ first series production samples were on display, along with two-ups of more awesome figures like Sy-Dot and Disgysor.  The sculpts on these are amazing, a perfect modern update to the bizarre, cult toy line from the 80s.  So far we have seen a lot of variant colorways released to tease the series, but after seeing them in person I’m more anxious than ever to pick up the “Infijnity” edition of these great toys.

I’m glad to have finally made it to one of the Toypocalypse shows, and the exciting items on display, from all stages of production, left me highly excited for the future of the Horsemen’s solo ventures.

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