Hulk Vs. Hulkbuster Iron Man… Who Will Win?

By kastor417 - March 13, 2015

LEGO Hulkbuster Kastor's KornerThe Avengers LEGO sets are doing a great job at not repeating characters, and the Hulkbuster set is a perfect mix of figures and builds for the new line.

Getting sets before the movie comes out can be hard for collectors, you are not sure what the sets mean until you see the movie. From the looks of this set Ultron and Scarlet Witch are working together to free the Hulk to fight Iron Man. It is clear from the stickers that the cage holding the Hulk is made by Stark, and Scarlet Witch is trying to free him.

The set is simple, with one tiny build to hold the Hulk and the Hulkbuster armor. Based on the commercials the armor looks way to big compared to the Hulk. They did not want to use a whole new body for the Hulk, using the standard large minifigure body, so he looks much too small next to the armor. The armor itself can hold an Iron Man minifigure in the chest, and the front detailing is impressive. The back however leaves much to be desired, it’s flat black missing all details. The other detailing makes it a great overall build. It has arm cannons and articulated fingers, with a removable helmet. the build is larger than the X-men Sentinel, and honestly could have been the same zip and just as good.

The selling point to this set is the overall look of the Buster armor and the minifigures. Iron Man is the same as the drone set, but the others are original. Ultron is in one other set, but sure to be wanted by collectors as the title character of the film, so grab him while you can. This is also your only chance to get Scarlet Witch, if you want her as part of the team it’s this or nothing. The Hulk also sports all new pants, with his Avengers logo on them.

This is a fun set overall even with the little details that seem off. Getting a Hulkbuster armor, even too big, that holds a minifigure is still very cool. It is also the last of the under $30 sets, so it is sure to go fast thanks to the price point and the minifigures included.

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