New Hunger Games Teaser: The Mockingjay Lives!

By bill - July 9, 2014

mockingjay-featApparently, the revolution will be televised?

The Capitol TV website has provided a great resource for delving into the political turmoil within Panem, as we gear up for the beginning of the end with the release of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One this Fall.  Until now, everything on the site has featured President Snow in full-on propaganda mode, addressing those beneath his iron heel… but that all changes in the latest video.

Here, we see Snow’s latest message to Panem interrupted by Jeffrey Wright’s Beetee, who brings a special message from the revolutionary District 13– “The Mockingjay lives.”  Not a lot happens beyond that (the video’s not even a minute long), but like everything else we’ve seen the Capitol TV so far, it serves as a reminder that the next Hunger Games movie should shed an even harsher light on this dystopian world and the villains who govern it.

For my part, I’m just excited to see a huge, mega-budget blockbuster sci-fi movie not shying away from showing some true political unrest on the big screen.  I’ve never read the Mockingjay book, so I’m going into this one blind… but these teasers have me totally ready to see what happens!

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