IAmElemental’s Female Superheroes Climb Holiday Toy Gift Lists

By staff-writers - November 27, 2015

290721Female Action Figures Created Specifically for Girls (& Boys!) Teach Kids to Play With Power.

In advance of the holidays, the fierce female action figures created by toy company IAmElemental have been named to multiple holiday gift guides.  View the complete line at http://www.iamelemental.com.

The first female action figures designed specifically for children, IAmElemental’s 4″ articulated figures reinvent the superhero myth by representing “the Elements of Power – superpowers that are already inside all of us,” according to IAmElemental’s Julie Kerwin.

Holiday gift lists featuring IAmElemental include:

Toy Insider Hot Holiday Toys List, Grade School, 6-8 Years: “This complete Elements of Courage series comes in a lunchbox carrying case with all seven action figures, their shields and accessories, an interactive workbook, a drawstring carry bag for each figure, and a bracelet.”

Chicago Parent, Girl Power Gift Guide: “In the realm of IAmElemental, girls are the superheroes and their superpowers include Bravery, Honesty and Persistence.  ‘If we change the way girls play, we can change the way they feel about themselves.'”

Metro Parent, Gift Ideas for Special Needs Kids from Warner’s Corner Toys: “Seven colorful action figures representing different aspects of courage let kids envision themselves as strong, powerful and connected beings at the center of a story of their own making.”

Movie Tech TV Geeks, Hottest Xmas Toys: “It’s about time that girls, too, get to enjoy action figures… Toy and action figure collectors will also feel drawn to I Am Elemental figures, since they boast unique looks.”

To learn more, visit http://shop.iamelemental.com/ or call (800) 274-8282.

About IAmElemental: New York City-based IAmElemental is a privately held toy company creating the first-ever female action figures designed specifically for girls (and boys!).  IAmElemental envisions kids as the creators of a play experience in which they are the active agents in a story of their own design.  Founded in 2013, the company launched Series 1/Courage via Kickstarter, and was named by TIME Magazine as one of the “25 Best Inventions of 2014” and “Top 10 Toys of 2014.”   “If you give a girl a different toy, she will tell a different story”; “Play with power”; “It’s character, not characters”; “Shared, everyone’s powers grow stronger”; and “We have superpowers. Want some?” are trademarks of IAmElemental. Twitter: @IAmElementalToy, Facebook: IAmElemental, Instagram: IAmElementalToy

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