Image Comics Presents: Pretty Deadly #1

By jayq - October 26, 2013

Pretty Deadly 1 Kastor's KornerHere we are again with an off the wall book that normally you may skip over, but I implore you do not! Pretty Deadly is a book written and drawn by a female team.

Kelly Sue Deconnick brings you a script that will take you places no current book will and her partner in crime Emma Rios has art that is raw yet graphic to draw you in.

Pretty-Deadly-COVERThe story is set in the old west and is about Ginny, a little girl that is the child of death himself and a young girl named Beauty. Beauty’s story is told in the first few pages and is pretty graphic as she was raised to be a courtesan and longed for death. He came to claim her himself and fell in love. Death finally granted his love her wish but left him with a child, Ginny. Death raised Ginny to be a reaper of vengeance, a hunter of men who sinned. Through the book you assume Ginny is a certain young one; however Ginny’s true self is shown towards the end of the book.

Now there is some graphic nature to this book in a brothel and so with that said I will rate this book PG-13. If you like a western with a twist check out this book, and not only try something new but help support the women in the industry! With a $3.99 tag and 32 pages you cannot beat this for a new read! Pretty Deadly hits comic shops on 10/23.

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