The Infinity War Is Here

By kastor417 - November 29, 2017

We have been waiting almost 10 years for the Infinity War and it’s almost here. This trailer is everything we wanted and more!

There are almost no words for how amazing this looks. From the team shots to the music, it just gives me all kinds of fanboy chills.

Star Wars is amazing, but I have lived with it my whole life. I don’t know a world without the Jedi, but since I was a little kid comic book heroes have always been cartoons or drawings on a page. Finally this brings it all together and brings these characters to life. I know we have had 10 years of Marvel Movies, but this somehow feels different, it feels more alive. From here out we will see TV spots, toys, comics books so it won’t be as exciting, so enjoy this and watch it over and over and over!

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