INTERSTELLAR Gets Another Gorgeous Poster

By bill - September 22, 2014

insterstellar-ship-featSweet spaceship, dude!

Okay, so my theory last week– that we’d maybe see a series of posters for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar featuring our cast exploring various extraterrestrial landscape– is kind of out the window, but that’s okay, because this new poster is quite nice.

Instead of showcasing any of our cast, this poster gives us a good look at a space ship as it cruises past a strikingly lavish purple and blue planet.  It’s a very pretty image, and only enhanced by the much better new tag line… The old one about mankind not dying on Earth seemed too desperate and negative for what suggests it might be a hopeful story, and I adore the simplicity of “Go Further” (even if it’s grammatically questionable).

Interstellar still hits theaters in November.  That doesn’t feel too far away anymore!


Source: AICN

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