The Interview Is Being Released After All

By bill - December 24, 2014

The Interview featuredThis is great news, even if you hate Seth Rogen and James Franco.

Sony has made it official– The Interview, the comedy that just last week they canceled after all the major movie theater chains opted not to run it in light of fake terror threats issued by liars working for the North Korean government, will now receive a limited theatrical release, in independent theaters.

There was a rumor that Sony was also releasing the movie through some sort of VOD platform, but there have been no more details about that at this time.  I tend to think if that’s going to happen, it will just happen, unannounced.  While the “Guardians of Justice” obviously have no means with which to cause physical terror attacks on movie theaters playing The Interview, they DO likely have the means to hack the servers of any provider carrying the movie online.  So, it makes sense to me to keep it under wraps until the last, possible second to give the hackers less time to chase down their target.

In any event, it’s great to see that Sony has agreed with President Obama and basically every American who hated the idea that we were now a nation catering to terrorist demands.  Free expression is the cornerstone of our society, and the idea that we would move even a centimeter toward jeopardizing that certainly did not sit right with me at all.

And the win is made all the sweeter because in the end, it was the awesome, independent and locally run theaters who saved the day.  While the mega-plexes are still showing their true colors, too afraid of boogeymen to run a film that wold all but guarantee sell-out attendance, great places like Alamo Drafthouse can both capitalize on the demand for this movie, as well as help to champion free expression when we really, really need it.  If that’s not a win-win, I don’t know what is!

Source: Indiewire

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