Iron-Man 3 Hall Of Armor Finally Brings Tony Stark To The Marvel Universe

By bill - October 25, 2013

IM3 Hall of Armor featIt took four years and three movies, but Hasbro has finally delivered Tony Stark to the Marvel cinematic universe.

One of my favorite things about any movie toy line are the exclusives.  Often late in the life of a movie-based toy line, we will see some retailer exclusives that manage to sneak in a few extra– often less proven– characters as new figures.  Iron-Man 3 is nearing the home stretch, and Hasbro has done it again, with the Hal of Armor six-pack, exclusive to Amazon (and Wal-Mart and Target, apparently).

The set contains six figures– Iron-Man Marks I, II, III, VI and 42, as well as the first ever Tony Stark figure in this scale.  Of the lineup, the first four are simple repaints of their Iron-Man 2 figures.  They all get a new paint job, which shows their Arc lights flared and reflecting off the armor on their chests.  It’s a good effect, and they’re good figures, with more articulation than many of the Marvel movie toys released this year.

IM3 Hall of Armor 23But there’s no getting around it, the remaining two are the stars of this set.  Mark 42 is an all new sculpt, with the same articulation as the past Iron-Man 3.75″ figures, and lots more detail than the Mark 42 Assemblers figure.  He’s a very fun figure, and while I feel the red of his armor is too bright, it does stand out nicely against the rich gold of his plating.  Thankfully, Mark 42 skips the arc flare paint job of his fellow suits, making him a welcome, standard edition of the armor to add to the overall collection.

Tony Stark is also great, once again showing off how talented Hasbro is when it comes to parts reuse.  Tony’s body is made up of various GI Joe parts– mostly Hawk and Storm Shadow from the first Joe movie.  With a new paint job, the outfit looks good, and very much like something Tony would wear on the big screen.  His own arc light is a simple paint app, but it does a good job of conveying it’s presence underneath his shirt.

IM3 Hall of Armor 30The figure gets an all new head, sporting a very nice portrait of Robert Downey Jr.  The likeness is definitely there, and I’m glad the head can be shared with at least some other Iron-Man figures (although not all the movie ones).  I wish Tony had included some accessories– a visor, or removable Iron-Man gauntlets would have been nice– but I’m super glad to see a decent Stark figure finally make its way into this line regardless.

The Hall of Armor is packed in a very nice window box, which can double as a display for these and other Iron-Man movie figures quite well.  This set– along with the recent Thor: The Dark World series– has me thinking Hasbro changed course again with their movie toys, and for the better.  It’s a shame we didn’t get any good Iron-Man 3 toys in this scale until now, but better late than never, I suppose.

The Iron-Man 3 Hall of Armor is in stock now at Amazon… Click Here to order yours today.

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