Hasbro’s Iron-Man 3 Legends Crush It

By bill - February 18, 2013

Hasbro launched their Iron-Man 3 toy line, and the collector-oriented Iron-Man 3 Legends deliver three fantastic new armored Avengers, and the promise of one of the best Build A Figure Legends ever released.

Iron Man 3 Legends will deliver six new Iron-Man action figures, based on both the comics and the new movie in the hyper detailed Marvel Legends style, along with an incredible Build A Figure classic Iron Monger.  The first half of the series is available now, delivering an updated version of the classic Bob Layton Iron-Man (now with an alternate “horned” head), Iron Patriot and an all-new sculpt for Heroic Age (Bleeding Edge) Iron-Man.  These three figures each include the parts to assemble the lower half of the villainous Iron-Monger as well, and based on the size of his torso and legs, this guy will be one massive hunk of plastic.

When the Iron-Man Legends series was first announced, it was said to be repaint-heavy, but you’d barely know that looking at these figures, all of whom feature some unique new tooling and amazing, metallic finish paint jobs.  The classic Iron-Man is the short packed figure in this wave, which makes sense as he is the most similar to a previous version.  Sharing the mold of the Legends two-pack figure, that came packed with the female SHIELD agent, this new Iron-Man swaps the flat yellow limbs and mask for a nice rich gold color.  This looks great alongside the pearlized, metallic red that completes Tony’s armor. This version of the hero includes his classic head, as well as an alternate with his late 60s horned head look.

Next up is the villainous Iron Patriot, who has already become the most controversial figure in the line.  Norman Osborne’s star spangled armor is a repainted Extremis Iron-Man, which has some collectors crying foul, since the movie Mark 4 Iron Man is much closer to the Patriot’s comic-based look.  I don’t care either way, and while the Extremis base is a bit on the small side, the nice articulation and clean, stylish detailing make it a great choice for Norman’s new toy, in my opinion.  The high gloss red and alternating metallic blue and silver make for a visually striking figure, and a great new character to add to the Legends umbrella.

The final figure is the Heroic Age “Bleeding Edge” Iron-Man, an all new figure that may be the best Iron-Man figure ever realized in this scale.  This modern take on Stark has a heft and girth lacking in some of the previous figures, making him actually look like a guy in a suit of armor. The figure features a beautiful sculpt, with every armor plate, rivet and striation exactly where it should be from the source material, another excellent metallic paint finish, and even the striking eyes, whose white and blue paint apps create a glowing effect.  This Iron-Man is amply poseable, with rocker ankles, a hinged ab crunch, hinged swivel wrists, double knees and elbows and the new-style hip articulation, seen in Marvel Universe.

These three include the torso and both legs of Iron-Manger and based on these parts this will be a perfect toy translation for the classic villain. The rich metallic blue, complete with a grimy black wash give Iron-Monger a great, realistic look, and he’s not only hefty but very well-balanced, on his armor’s massive feet. The final figure should measure in at about 8″ tall, which, depending on which artist you look at, is about the perfect size for the villain.

I’m a little trepidacious to see Hasbro split this Build-A-Figure over two waves.  It’s always stressful to do so, as now every collector runs the risk of a half-built Iron Monger, should distribution dry up or something happen that crashed the second wave.  We’ve seen in happen before in lines like Movie Masters Green Lantern, and while Hasbro has a much better strategy than Mattel on things like this, splitting the Monger into two waves seems too much like tempting fate to me.  Hopefully the decision doesn’t blow up on the Marvel team at Hasbro, because so far they’re really on a roll with this great new Legends sub-set.

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