Iron-Man 3 Legends Wave One Hits Retail

By bill - January 24, 2013

Wow, that was quick!

It’s been a whirlwind week for Iron-Man 3 toy news!  Between reveals of the Iron Assemblers kids’ series, and these packaged images of the first wave of Iron-Man Legends (with the BAF Iron Monger!), I figured that’s all the news we’d see.  But no– as it turns out, the Legends figures have hit retail at Toys R Us stores in Arizona!

We’re about three weeks out from the official February 11th release date, so I expect these figures to start trickling in to more retail stores shortly (whether anyone can talk their way into buying them early will be another story), but West Coasters, if you’re interested in grabbing them I’d start checking your stores now.

To aid in your search, here’s a few details that will help your stores locate the Iron-Man 3 Legends in their system (as many stores will keep them in their back room until the street date):

Iron-Man Legends Iron Patriot UPC:653569819721

Target Iron-Man Legends DCPI:087-06-1418

Toys R Us Iron-Man Legends Item #:546618

Good luck!

For more pictures, including some packaged shots, Click Here to see them on Marvelous News

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