New Iron-Man 3 Trailer Promises Something Different

By bill - March 6, 2013

im3-trailer-shot-featThe wonderful new trailer for Iron-Man 3 has hit, and it shows a very different side of Tony Stark.

I’m getting the impression that Iron-Man 3 will be the biggest sleeper hit Marvel has done since Tony Stark’s first big screen outing knocked our collective socks off.  The new trailer certainly suggests we’re in for a hell of a ride with the new sequel, and what seems to be a great balance of great action for Iron-Man and excellent character work for Tony and his friends.  This isn’t surprising, since new director Shane Black has proven time and again he can nail both these elements, but WOW, does it look like he nailed them here.

I love that Marvel is using their continuity here, that the events in The Avengers seemed to have such an impact on Tony Stark (I mean c’mon? why do heroes usually just brush off saving the world from invading aliens? That should shake you up a little, right?).  We see a Tony in this trailer who is much more introspective, and more vulnerable, as well.  Gone is the happy go lucky playboy– it looks like Stark has fully realized the stakes at play since his encounter with Loki, and that’s the kind of character-building momentum that I LOVE to see in a huge, mega-blockbuster movie!

Check out the new trailer below, and join me in anxiously awaiting May 3rd to get here:

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