Iron-Man 3’s Character Posters, Assembled

By bill - February 27, 2013

The Iron-Man 3 marketing machine has kicked into high gear since the Super Bowl spot, and a new batch of character portrait one-sheets have been coming fast and furious.

Character one-sheets are pretty commonplace these days, especially when it comes to mega blockbuster type movies.  Sometimes it can get excessive (e.g. the 17 character posters for The Hobbit), and often they do little more than showcase a specific person from whatever the movie is (which, I guess is all something called a “character one-sheet” is meant to do, really?).

By and large, the Iron-Man 3 character posters are kinda par for the course… it’s nice to see Rhodey and Pepper take center stage in their own posters, and I’m still intrigued by the nasty looking slash across Iron-Man’s helmet, as it’s being clutched by the lovely Ms. Potts.

The other two new images give us solid looks at The Mandarin and Aldrich Killian, both villains in the new movie.  Guy Pearce looks fairly normal here (although his Lego minifig on display at Toy Fair would suggest he doesn’t stay that way), but I’m really, really digging this design for Mandarin.

When I found out Sir Ben Kingsley was not playing Roxxon’s vicious CEO Aleksander Lukin, I was bummed out, as the part seemed perfect for the celebrated actor… but as much as I couldn’t picture Sir Ben as The Mandarin, there he is, looking all kinds of imposing.  From the terrorist-ish camo pants to the Asian affectations around him, this take on Iron-Man’s arch nemesis feels like the perfect balance between comic book bad guy and real world villain… and he totally looks like someone crazy enough to square off against a guy in a suit of armor, even in his advancing years.

Which poster is your favorite so far?  And what do you think Tony’s inevitable one-sheet will look like?

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