The Iron Throne Goes Crystal!

By bill - April 23, 2016

iron-throne-dark-horse-featDark Horse’s 3D Crystal Iron Throne is one of the coolest Game of Thrones collectibles you’re likely to find.

We live in a truly magical time, when sci-fi and fantasy and comic book properties have been embraced by the mainstream to such a degree that none of us have to feel like weirdos for still buying toys in our thirties and beyond, or decking out our offices with all kinds of geeky posters, decorations, and other trinkets.  We’ve even reached the point where there are different degrees of fanciness among these nerdy knick knacks– if you’re into Game of Thrones, but don’t want to actually collect the character figures or prop replicas or whatever, there’s still lots of options.  One of the most visually arresting of these is the 3D Crystal Iron Throne, from Dark Horse.

If you’ve never seen one of these 3D crystal sculptures before, they’re pretty awesome.  The sculpture is reductive, etched inside the center of a crystal block, which gives the subject a full, 360-degree portrait, which is– in essence– the air occupying the negative space etched inside the crystal.  Since the Iron Throne is not only the most coveted chair in all of Westeros, but also one of the most notable bits of iconography from the TV show, this set piece seems like the perfect subject for the initial 3D crystal sculpture based on Game of Thrones.

The detail within the etching of the throne is incredible, especially considering the small size of this overall piece (the entire crystal block only stands about 5″ tall).  And the light-up base does a great job of illuminating the entire piece in a perfectly dramatic way, spotlighting all the tiny details of the coveted throne.

What we get here is a piece that can fit pretty much any collection.  Are you into the Game of Thrones toys?  This crystal throne would make for a great focal point in the backdrop of your display. Want to be more subtle about your geekiness?  By itself, this sculpture makes for a visually dynamic, totally cool-looking piece that is perfect for any mantle, shelf, or desk top.

The light-up base is operated by a simple on/ off switch, and runs on three AAA batteries.  The crystal block rests freely on top of the plastic base, but the heft of the crystal keeps it securely in place on top of its stand.  The aesthetic of this piece is quite unique, and the detailing of the etching– capturing every sword that make up the king’s seat– is unbelievably intricate.

Retailing at only about $25, this Iron Throne is one of the most affordable and visually intriguing Game of Thrones statues out there.  You can pick up your 3D Crystal Iron Throne at Entertainment Earth, and other specialty retailers.

Thanks to Dark Horse for giving us the chance to review this awesome collectible!

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