iZombie: 4.5 – “Goon Struck”

By patricksmith - March 28, 2018

iZombie is just not letting up with the civics and ethics of zombie-town USA. However, it’s not so highbrow as to not take potshots at both Canada and French-Canada.

The politics of Zombie-Seattle are the richest mines for plotlines in the new iZombie and it allows for a lot of contextually effective tension in the series. Because the characters are bound by a serious public relations issue, everything they do has weight and has a ripple effect. It changes the dynamics of everything in the show including Liv and Clive’s investigations as well as Chase’s Renegade problem, and even Don E and Major’s unexpected road trip.

Just like last time, the mystery in “Goon Struck” doesn’t really amount to anything on its own, and instead works in service to the larger narrative. Rather than being a letdown, it builds even more on iZombie’s world and puts the problems of that world at the forefront of the narrative. It all connects brilliantly. Nothing iZombie does now exists in a bubble nor is it a waste. It all forwards the dynamic of the narrative and makes the setting that much more compelling. These reviews are starting to sound very similar I’ve noticed because despite how much I praise iZombie for building such a complex and multi-layered narrative, I also don’t want to ruin it for someone who’s on the fence about watching the show. Yes, you should, to answer your question.

Final Word: “Goon Struck” starts one way and ends with something totally different. The usual iZombie ingredients of Rose McIver’s zombie-impressions, and Clive’s hands on hips and sighing “Oh yous,” have become staples of the show and it doesn’t seem like there’s been any reason for the series to nix them even in this new arc, but make no mistake this new arc is beyond incredible acting as a sort of zombie version of the french-revolution with modern day discrimination and seriously difficult questions being tested within the setting. Admittedly, from the start, we know who killed the subject of the episode at the beginning so everything past that is just flavor, so I should have expected that the mystery would get the axe, but the spectacular fashion which is does adds more in to the world than it takes away and sets up real narrative roadblocks for the characters. All this and iZombie is still constantly funny and fun. Sure I said basically the same thing about the last episode, but the way iZombie is now is beyond perfection. In fact, it’s transcendent for zombie stories as a whole.

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