Jae Lee + Batman: Black and White Statue = Beauty!

By jayq - September 9, 2014

batman-jae-lee-featWhat do you get when you combine Jae Lee’s art with John Mathews sculpting? PERFECTION!

In the latest of statue from DC Collectibles’ Batman: Black and White series we have Jae Lee’s take on The Dark Knight as seen in the current DC New 52 Batman/Superman Comic. If you are familiar with Lee’s work you will notice an already statuesque look already, and it translates beautifully to 3D form. John Mathews again shows that he is in fact a master of his craft as he took the art rendering and made it three dimensional.

Standing at about 7 inches from base to top, Batman is seen looking up as his cape clutches to him in the wind. The detail on the bottom of the cape jutting out is one of my favorite parts of this statue, second to the sculpting of the chest area to have one of the cleanest bat symbols in the series. There is one concern to this statue, the blades on the gauntlets. The ones closest to the elbow look as if hit wrong they may snap and break off. As this is a statue it is in fact fragile so please handle with care.

This statue is limited to 5200 and retails for $79.95. You can find this at your local comic shop or by clicking the trusty Amazon link on our page! JQ gives Jae Lee’s Batman: Black and White statue a 9/10– it’s a perfect addition to the series I have on the shelf!

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