Jason Momoa’s First Photos as Aquaman

By jayq - February 21, 2015

aquamanI will start this off by saying I don’t care what anyone says, I LIKE IT!

Okay I have read just about every post, thread, story, editorial, and opinion piece on this photo. I understand that there are fanboys and fangirls out there that have already written off this movie because…GASP…Batman is an old Affleck, Gal Gadot is scrawny Wonder Woman, and now OHHHH NOOOO Aquaman isn’t blonde! Let me be one of the first to say, “SNAP OUT OF IT, and GET OVER IT!” This movie is being made and BvS is just about wrapped and Justice League is being filmed back to back. Nothing short of you pulling a Jay and Silent Bob and going to Hollywood and trashing the film will stop this. So take all your Aqua-Khal or Aqua-Drogo comments and leave them to be judged when we see the actual movie.


With that being said and over with lets break down what we see in this picture. First- The Trident, looks totally bad ass and is something the King of Atlantis would have on him. It is rumored that the trident is going to play a major part in the Justice League movie that leads to the Aquaman solo film. Second- The uniform, The pants look very 90’s esque and that A on the belt is straight outta the comics. Third- The Tats and Armor, Okay I will give the some gripes to the tats but who cares. This version of Aquaman is explained to be more than a hero: he’d be the embodiment of Polynesian culture (which is Momoa’s heritage). Because of that, some of the design’s elements and markings may not be understood by casual comic fans. Fourth (the elephant in the room)- The Hair, I get it he is not blonde like in the comics. I get it he looks like Rob Zombie. I get it, we get it, the internet gets it. Now get over it! It is what it is. I think it looks BAD ASS!

I have high hopes for this movie, not because I am a DC fan, but because this has the potential to be a surefire hit. Not EVERYTHING needs to be like the comic book medium. If used as a guideline you can still tell a decent story, which I believe to be true in this case. Cavil is a good Superman, Affleck will be a fantastic Batman, I trust Gadot will be wonderful Wonder Woman, and Momoa is going to be a KICK ASS Aquaman!

I will end this like I end all conversations about comic book movies. Go get 1 billion dollars, buy the rights to the character, cast whomever you want, and do it your way. Until then the suits at the studios will always have the final word and all we can do is be happy that comics popular enough to be transferred to the big screen in some way.

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